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‘Beat it’

Hello campers! How are we doing this week? Sorry for the lack of blog posting this month, I’ve been chock-a-block with deadlines and it’s so much scarier thinking how much this work is worth for the final year of the degree. As well as the seemingly never-ending deadlines I’ve also been working hard on the

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Eyeopener and AFTAs

Around this time of the year every year, optometry students from all over the country descend on a Centre Parcs for the AOP’s annual Eyeopener conference. It is aimed at 2nd year students (3rd year from Glasgow Caledonian) and provides a lot of information about what you can do with optometry as a career other

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Student Selected Components

Hello everyone! Once again I’ve had such a busy month this November in University. As we have whizzed through two more cases from our year 2 cased based learning, and also have had a week of something a little different. This week was part of ‘Student Selected Components (SSCs).’ Which are an opportunity for us

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Back with a bang!

Guys! It’s been a while. I want to say life has been crazy busy and I’ve been doing so many exciting things that I haven’t had time to blog but truth is I think placement life is starting to catch up with me in a sleep, work, walk home, veg out in front of gossip

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No, not the one you are probably thinking of or even the second one, this is the prestigious Boots Optom vs Pharmacy varsity that is now in it’s second year and happened this last weekend here in Cardiff. In this ultimate test of sporting prowess OPSOC and WPSA (the pharmacy society) battle it out for

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Gan ei bod hi bellach yn dod yn amser penderfynu ar opsiynau prifysgol a’r math o gwrs yr ydych am ei ddilyn, dwi am gymryd y cyfle yma i son ychydig am y cyfleoedd a’r manteision sy’n deillio o ganlyniad i astudio’n Gymraeg ym mhrifysgolion Cymru, ac yn benodol felly ym Mhrifysgol Caerdydd. Wrth wneud

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Questions, and Answers

So, last time I wrote some questions that I thought would be useful for the people looking at Open Days, and I said I would provide the answers. Here there are, from a second year Physics perspective! About the Uni – ask these in the Union, or to the students in the department 1) What

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