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Summer in Wales

‘ello there! Long-time no speak?! How ya’ll doing? Firstly megatron congrats for those who got their uni offers and are coming to joinnn meeehh in good old Caerdydd…land of the Welsh! Bring yee wellies lassies ‘cause you’re in for a puddle filled adventure! Filled with the awesomeness of dee Cardiff waters and the fields of

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Let The Internship Begin

So you guys may have already read my last few posts about my time in China last year studying Chinese culture at Zhejiang Uni, if you haven’t then damn well go read them. But anyway, I officially caught the bug and have returned to the far east but this time on an internship.   After

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How to prepare for studying Psychology at Cardiff University – Pre-reading

Once again I’ve been asked a really good question this week via Facebook that I thought was a good idea to share with all of you. That question revolved around how to prepare for studying Psychology at Cardiff and in particular what reading can be done before the course starts. With subjects like Psychology, you

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CONGRATULATIONS EVERYBODY ON YOUR RESULTS TODAY! WOOOO (: So you’ve done it.. Passed your exams and come September you’ll be heading down to Cardiff with a car loaded to the top with possessions. EXCITINGGG!!! I’ve got to admit, it was pretty exciting scrolling through Facebook this morning looking at all of the screenshots of UCAS

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My university and me

A level results day didn’t go exactly as I’d hoped, I didn’t get the grades for the course I wanted to do at university and I remember feeling as though all my future plans were ruined. I cried, a lot, I made a number of desperate phone calls attempting to negotiate, I think I even

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