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‘I Guess this is Goodbye’

Hello bloggers! I hope revision/work is going well, I can say from experience that the hard work now really is worth it – especially for the summer vacation in a few weeks! This month has been action-packed (to say the least) and there isn’t a sign of it holding up any time soon, but I’m

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Awards Week!

This month has been pretty busy, with not one but two awards ceremonies! First was the annual Enriching Student Life Awards, or the ESLAs for short. The ESLAs are coordinated by the SU every year to recognise staff and students who have made a difference and enriched people’s lives over the last year. It was

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Exam Stress

Hello all! So this is my first post ever! I’m taking over as the Psychology Insider this year. Unfortunately I’m right in the middle of the exam period right now so stress levels are pretty high. I thought that it would be fitting for my first post to be about tips for managing exam stress!

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How to grow a cucumber

Revisions, revisions They seem to be going much more smoothly for me this year. I don’t really believe in empty advice, all though they are quite frequent in our day to day lives. Taking things step by step and trying to deal with the amount of work in doses can lead you to have a

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Video Blog – Toby talks Exam Period

You probably don’t need telling, but it’s that time of year again. Just as the sun seems to get into the habit of coming out and staying out, the most stressful part of the academic year arrives and it might as well be pouring down. In saying that, there’s still hope – you might not

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