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First week in!

Hello lovely readers!   Fresher’s Week has drawn to a close here at Cardiff and everyone is now prepping to get ready for the first days of the new term. I’ve been at work all this week but did get a day off to go to the Volunteering Fayre on Thursday. It was hilarious and

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The Internship Kid

Hey again guys, another update from the Asian Intern! So last time I was waiting eagerly for my supervisor to arrive and finally give me a little more direction and … HALEHLUYAH he turned up. From that day on the internship got better and better. The more I proved myself capable the more responsibility I

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Welcome to our new home!

Hello everyone! I hope you have all been enjoying your Freshers’ Fortnight here at Cardiff and have settled in to your new homes! Whether you are now living in student houses for your second and third years, or you’ve just moved into halls I’m sure you all would have had a very exciting week! I

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I’m now 21! A bonafide adult. And what better way to celebrate turning 21? WELL VEGAS OF COURSE! Whilst most of you were settling into your new homes and preparing yourself from Fresher’s week, I was heading out to Sin City to enjoy being legally able to drink, gamble and have the ultimate time in

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5 nights of Freshers.

Hi Lovely Readers! So it’s freshers week here, and student halls across Cardiff, and houses across Cathays are full of hungover, sleep deprived students by day, but full of house parties and ‘jolly’ students by night. The joys of freshers week! This is just a quick little post as to how my freshers week is

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Hey guys!   IT’S PARTY TIME SOON, more seriously though University is about to start and you need to make positivism and motivation your best friends. It is always a bit difficult to get back to serious stuff like taking notes in class and reading after a long summer, especially when you’ve just finished high

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