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48 hours and counting

Hello everyone,

So now I write to you with just 2 days to go until I finish uni forever! As of 2.30pm on Tuesday, I will have completed my degree and will be free to celebrate, which will probably end up with me losing my mind! Since my last post on Sunday I’ve had 2 exams, one on Friedrich Nietzsche whom you may have heard of (a mental and cynical German philosopher, whose philosophy is so power-hungry that he’s actually been accused of starting WWII!) and my Advanced Moral Philosophy exam which is tricky analytic philosophy bound up with reasons in morality. Both exams went fairly well and now I’m doing my last ever bit of revision for my German Aesthetics (a type of philosophy of art) exam on Tuesday afternoon.

I honestly can’t explain the air of excitement and anticipation in the atmosphere at the moment. In the last month all my friends, course mates and I have only been able to talk about work (boring as that sounds, but there’s just so little going on right now that work is the main topic of conversation) so now the end is truly in sight everyone is unbelievably excited! It’s not only the prospect of a carefree summer to look forward to, but the ticking off a really hard degree and an end to education! Straight after the exam on Tuesday a group of my course mates and I are going straight to the pub for some celebratory drinks, then maybe head into town for a look around. In the evening we have a meal with our lecturers and needless to say we’re going to go out  after that and parrrrty! That week is going to like freshers week all over again with loads of parties, going out, BBQs in the park, catching up with people and just soaking up the achievement and realisation that we’ve finished studying forever! I’ve also got a few smalls trips planned to see my sister before she moves to Spain, meet up with my best friend who’s coming back from Istanbul, catch up with my Aussie mates who I met travelling a few years a go, and have a few days in Amsterdam to party and celebrate. Once I get back to Cardiff I’ll have another week of relaxing and celebrating before attending the much anticipated ‘Dusk ‘Till Dawn Ball’ (open from 7pm – 5am, it’s amazing) and then sadly moving out of my house forever and returning home. I won’t be at home for long though as my adventures to Tanzania are fast approaching…

I’m off to Tanzania in a month’s time, so I’m going to be getting myself ready for that and catching up with people before I disappear off into the African countryside for three months. I’m pretty much ready for that now as I’ve hit my £800 fund raising target, had all my jabs and medications and got most of the kit that I’m going to need when I’m out there, but there’s still a few bits to sort out. I’m also warning people that whilst I’m out in Tanzania I’m going to have no form of contact what so ever, so they should expect me to be completely out of the loop. Whilst I think it will take some adjusting to get used to having no means of contact what so ever, other than a pen and paper, I think it will be so refreshing to have some time out after the full on year I’ve had this year, and I’ll hopefully come back with a fresh perspective on the new chapter I’ll be starting.

So now I’ve got less than 48 hours to go until the much anticipated freedom will be upon us, but in that time I’ve got to revise and prepare myself as best as possible for this final exam, so let me say bye for now, as revision is calling, and I’ll post next week when I will have FINISHED FOREVER!!!! Until then, good luck with any exams you may have, speak next week x



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