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5 nights of Freshers.

Hi Lovely Readers!

So it’s freshers week here, and student halls across Cardiff, and houses across Cathays are full of hungover, sleep deprived students by day, but full of house parties and ‘jolly’ students by night. The joys of freshers week!

This is just a quick little post as to how my freshers week is going- Until last night, I managed 5 nights in a row, but last night once I sat down on the couch, I couldn’t move. During freshers week I also had a job at the IT shop in the students union, which has been great! – top tip – Freshers! If you bought a wristband for a students union, have a look inside your welcome pack bag for a leaflet, which entitles you to a free Stationary Pack from the IT Shop!

My nights out went as followed- Saturday- Y Plas at CSU, Sunday- Soda, Monday- Lloyds Bar, Tuesday -Revolution, and Wednesday – Retros… and by last night a night in on the Sofa was very much needed.

Pictures to follow..

Also this week  I have  moved into a cosy little house in Cathays along with my other four housemates! Yay. It’s quite a change living in a house in comparison to living in halls. One obvious reason is a house is much bigger than halls- bigger kitchen, bigger room and a living room- which is so nice to just sit on the sofa and relax! I haven’t spent that much time at the house this week, as I’ve been in work and out every night, however I’m looking forward to a chilled day with my friends!

I also had enrolment at University this week, where I also received my time table for the semester.. AHH! I’m quite looking forward to the year ahead, and also it was soo nice to see my lovely course mates again, which i hadn’t had a chance to see all summer!

So many things have happened this week, its been a bit of a blur, but also great at the same time. I hope you’ve all had a great week too, or if your a reader not currently at university, you have all of this to look forward too!




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