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5 things exams do to you..

Hi! Its my 1st blog of 2015, and its so nice to be able to have the chance to chill out and do something except revision for a change. Second semester stared Monday, and another semester filled with different challenges awaits us all. Sorry about the fact that this blog post is late in the month, but as you can see from the title of the blog, I’ve been in the land of revision for the last month, and haven’t done anything except revision.

As I have done nothing else, its made me think, how did January go so quickly? Exams are the dreaded time for most students, and me being one, I’ve decided to write my experiences of the last month..


Exams make you..

1) Question what day it is?

I spent a lot of time in the library over the last month.. it was my second home. I went there nearly every day as I felt it was the only place I could concentrate enough. This did make me question which day it was though, as I did the same thing everyday, I didn’t know how much time I had until my exam, because frankly I had no idea what day it was. So, maybe go to different libraries during the week, it makes it just that bit more interesting!

2)Feel guilty about the amount of paper you use to write notes.

I go through so much paper when I revise, I actually feel guilty. Literally sheets upon sheets.. But what I found that helped me this year was a revision card booklet, which meant all my notes we compact and tidy all in one booklet- plus it did cut down just a bit on the amount of paper i used.. Not a lot, but it did.

3)Understand what the term Procrastination means.

What’s shall I make for supper tonight? What do I have in my freezer? What shall I wear out Friday? Just an example of the many things I think about while revising, and then eventually snap back to reality and realise i’ve just wasted 20 mins doing nothing, and haven’t learnt anything. When I’m at home this gets worse. I think that cleaning the kitchen is much more important, sorting out my wardrobe, deleting picture off of my phone, the list goes on.. and then another hours has flown by, and I still don’t know what a Viable System Model consists of. (I didn’t know by my exam either.. and it came up.. DONT PROCRASTINATE PEOPLE!!)

4)Makes you reminisce about all the exams you’ve already sat, and also how many are ahead of you..

By the end of my January exams I’ve figured out that I have sat roughly about 24 exams from my GCSE’s until now. . This then made me think, how my modules for the next semester are assessed, which meant I had to go and check resulting in more time being wasted ( but technically not.. because I was researching my education.. which is important?). Thinking back to the days of GCSE’s and remembering how at the time they were such a big thing.. so many exams.. that now most people don’t even think about or even look at, but then again, without my GCSE’s would I be where I am today?

5)Makes you wonder.. If there ever a light at the end of the tunnel? WILL THEY EVER END?

Sitting in the library at 9.00am on the 5th of January.. It made me sad to think that I’d be doing the same thing until the 23rd of January. Staring at the pile of notes in front of me, wondering.. Will all of this stick in my brain?

But now its the end of January. My exams are done, and its the start of second semester. Exams are a drag, and it makes you question why we have to do them. But we all have to do them and it all counts in the end :)


Anyway, Hope exams weren’t stressful for you, and Good Luck in your second semester readers!
Speak Soon :)

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