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As a medic I try to remember that stressed is just desserts spelt backwards!

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96 Days of Summer

Hey everyone! So I’m very excited to tell you that for the first time in weeks, I’ve had the pleasure of not being woken up by alarm to revise….because I’ve finally finished my exams! Yesterday officially marked the end of year 2 and phase 1 of the course for about 100 or so of us as we sat our first ever clinical examination (the ISCE). I’ve only actually been free for 15 hours, and I already have forgotten what I used to do with my life before revision took over!

But I’ve got to thinking, I cannot believe that I’ve been at university for 2 years now. I’m currently very grateful that I’m doing medicine because I could not face having to graduate next year! So I thought I’d take a step back and look over all the great things that have happened this year, and all the things I can (hopefully!) look forward to next year when I begin year 3.

So going all the way back to around the 16th of September, I spent two days at the Vale of Glamorgan hotel at the C21 Away Day. The away day provided us with the opportunity to look at the successes of the first year of the C21 course, and the ways in which we could improve upon the current structure and cases. It was also a lovely opportunity to get to know the Medical School staff, and finally get to put some faces to the names on all those emails!

Then it was time for our first medic social of year 2 at pryzm, still convinced that I will never succeed in not getting lost every time I go there! As usual, medics do love a good theme and yes we did think it was sensible to dress for the beach in the middle of October (in Wales).

By the time November came around, a few friends and I headed up to Brecon for the famous WEMS trip. The weekend was absolutely awesome! (Would 100% recommend to anyone thinking about going next year!) It was a great mix of learning about what to do in emergency medical situations in rural areas, and also seeing the return of the notorious ‘Come Play’. Sadly being such a young one, it will only ever be known as Flux to me! Also quick shout out to Alice Lethbridge who could certainly now pursue a career in acting if she ever decided medicine just wasn’t for her!

The Pre-Clinical Ball was also one of the big highlights in the year 2 calendar. Also held at the Vale of Glamorgan Hotel, we all escaped from Cardiff for the evening for a masquerade ball. Although I think my mask lasted about a 10 minutes and for one token picture! Also a throwback to the day that my geek/loser levels reached a new high when I was voted keenest medic!


The end of year 2 was also marked in some ways by the last day of Case 17. When we all embarked on a very competitive treasure hunt around the Heath park campus and surrounding areas. Split into our case groups we attempted to crack the code by completing bonus challenges and doing everything from finding obscure rooms in the hospital to trying to get a picture with a duck, which I can assure you was a lot harder than expected!

Now I already have some things that I know I can look forward to come year 3! I’ll probably be pretty busy as I’m going to be on the committee for Sexpression, Cardiff University Research Society (CURes) and MedSoc. While also juggling being on placement every day! I’m actually going to be on placement in South Wales next year (some of us are headed up to North Wales), which means I’ll get to witness the latest member of my family to go through the F1 programme, congratulations to my cousin Zayd who starts in the Heath Hospital in August! I’ll also be taking my first ever trip up to Scotland at the beginning of the next academic year to talk at the Royal College of GPs Annual Conference in Glasgow!

But now it’s time for me to enjoy my 96 days of Summer, and officially end year 2, in the way it started. At the LASH.


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