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A Change in attitude..

Coming back to Cardiff for the second year still I was still excited as last year and despite the fact that I’d already lived here for a year I still had some new challenges, and changes facing me.

One of these, as mentioned in my last blog post was moving to a House. :) Picking out different rooms from a hat to decide who would have which one for the year, and this resulted in the girls having the whole of the top floor. Which is great :)  One rule of the top floor is that the word stressed not allowed, and if anyone feels the work load piling up well, there’s no point sitting in our rooms thinking about it and stressing out even more, we must head down stairs, and chill out with a cup of tea.. (Or hot Squash) as being Stressed doesn’t fix anything.

The work load in second year has drastically changed, and I am currently working on, 4 different coursework’s, with another one being handed out this week, and one already handed in last week (As you can guess, I could be doing work now. . . But Blog posts are high on  my To-Do list!) I personally think I’ve noticed a change in attitude in lots of people this year, with the work load being a bit more. Don’t get me wrong, we all still enjoy, have a laugh and go out, but library visit are getting longer, and uni days are too. I personally think university isn’t here just to test you on your degree subject, but is actually here to test you as a person. It makes me laugh at times when people refer to the life of a student as being ‘easy’. Truth is its as easy as your willing to let it be, but between University work, Societies & Sports clubs, work and other activities students to do bulk up their CV’s its actually pretty hectic.

Im enjoying how busy second year is to be honest, as I love to keep myself occupied, and being organised is a key point of this. With out different To-Do lists suck on my wall, I’m not sure how I’d remember where to be by when, or what needs to be done. Another point about second year life I’ve noticed is  a change in is that the work loads in Unviersity has drastically increased,  it also means that there is a lot of self teaching going on. A massive change from school, lectures feed you with the basic information, however it is up to you to look deeper, and read up on different modules. ( Yes this does most likely mean you’ll have to take a book out of the library in second year if you didn’t manage to do it in first year haha. ) Planning is important, and I like to plan out my days to be as productive as possible. (Okay so this doesn’t always happen, and everybody deserves to have a chill day now and again!) And even if it means that you only get a very small amount of work done each day at least then its a little less to do tomorrow :)


Anyhow, speak soon readers :)

R x

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