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Aspiring to conquer life's challenges - or maybe just my degree for now!

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A marathon or a sprint…

Tomorrow is the first day of April. TOMORROW IS APRIL. How has this happened?! I swear it was the other week that I was celebrating the New Year and coming back to Uni for my final semester. Or Hong Kong… I left for Hong Kong nearly six weeks ago. In two months time I will close the doors on Glamorgan Building, pack up my room and drive away from Cardiff, for good. I keep going through stages of having mini moments of panic/realisation that soon for the first time in my life that I can remember, I will no longer be enrolled in education.

I really don’t think there is anything that can prepare you for the final few weeks of uni –  it’s a long, hard uphill struggle, take the ups with the ups and downs with the downs. I would say I’m a very organised person and I enjoy being able to forward plan and prepare for things – that has been a physical impossibility in recent weeks. I can’t figure out whether I have any clean clothes to wear for the next day let alone plan anything a few days in advance.  I’ve just completed my final presentation that’ll I’ll do while I’m at uni (a staggering 95 minutes long) and I have three essays and an exam to go – it really is the home straight.

Speaking from experience, my one piece of advice when approaching anything like this would be to assess your priorities and work out what is feasible. It would not to be what I’ve done and pick up another part time job in your final three months of uni! The looming threat of a maxed out overdraft, limited income and no job spurred me into employment to create some sort of buffer for when I finish. Classic hospitality problems however, how do you balance not knowing how many hours or when you’ll be working until a few days before, with organising meetings, doing uni work and going to interviews? Not very easily, I can tell you that.  Caffeine, that is the only answer I have for you! Is it worth the stress? Well, you could say that I only have two months left to crack my degree so not really… or you could say its just two months of long nights and early mornings and it’ll be over. I 100% agree that now is the time to make Uni a priority but as long as you have a way of putting your other commitments into perspective and finding some sort of outlet for your stress then you’ll be off to a good start.

There’s also something to be said for the fact it’s my last two months of Uni – this is the last time I’ll have a four day weekend where only 7 hours of my time a week are dedicated to my ‘occupation’ (according to forms you fill in, being a student is a full time occupation!). Now is the time to make the most of any time left: go out, stay in, play around, do what makes you happy. If you want to get out of bed and go for pizza at one in the morning (yep… I actually did that), why not. Life and specifically the next two months are too short not to do things that make you happy.

Marathon or a sprint, your final months of uni are something to relish and something to keep you up at night, but once you’re off the starting block there’s no going back! Good luck to everyone as we enter the final countdown, let the odds be ever in your favour!




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