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And I’m out of loo roll… Again.

If you’ve been following my adventures in uni for a while (hi Mum) then you may have seen my first ever blog post over 3 years ago, about forgetting to buy The Essentials: kitchen supplies, bathroom cleaner… Toilet roll.

Since beginning uni and moving into my own (rented) house, I like to think that I’ve got marginally better at things like remembering to add loo roll to the shopping list, or that washing machines need washing powder and not just hope and prayer to clean the laundry (IT WAS ONCE).

I’m not living with my parents this summer, and occasionally I still forget that it’s my cooking night (I’m so sorry) or that it’s my turn to get loo roll (again, I’m so sorry) or even sometimes I forget that something like emptying the bin doesn’t happen on its own (shock! Horror!).


This Adulting thing is hard work, people.


The thing is, it’s also really worth it (sorry Mum). I might forget to buy washing powder, but I can walk into my housemates bedroom and borrow hers. Or I might forget to buy the loo roll, but the house has a movie night and a trip to the late night Tesco anyway. No ‘disaster’ is truly a disaster when you’ve got housemates.

(I have often borrowed Angry’s socks when I’ve forgotten to do my laundry. It’s okay, we trade).

I really love being at uni and having the freedom to make these kinds of mistakes. Someone is always on the other end of the phone to help, whether it be my Mum (thanks Mum), my friends (usually tell me I’m being silly then help me) or my boyfriend (who laughs at me then helps me) I have someone to turn to.

Even if I didn’t, the uni has a fab service called Nightline, run by students 24/7 so that you can call them whenever. They’re there for questions like ‘Where can I get a decent chip buttie at 2am’ (Chip Shop Alley) and ‘Why is the library closed at 11pm when I remembered I have a deadline tomorrow’ (the ASSL is open 24/7 now, so that’s not a problem anymore but sometimes you just want your subject’s library), and – more seriously- they are there if you’re struggling. Homesickness, 3am cries for help- Nightline is there to talk to you. When you register at uni in September you will get your student card, and the number is on there. Everything is confidential, so no one need know you got lost on your way back to your halls in the third week, don’t worry!


I really look forward to welcoming all you Freshers here in September- look out for me in the union or the Physics buildings! If you wanna come say hi feel free, I’m always happy to talk to people and make new friends :) Contact me through here or on Facebook- I’m usually around.

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