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The only dentist who is destined to have no teeth

Life at Cardiff

Wales=Rain. My wellies have become my friends. My left boot is called Ricky and the right is Paul. We’ve had some good times trudging daily puddles together. But now Ricky and Paul are being neglected for maaa bootiful espidrilles ‘cause ITS SUNNY BABYYY! See, whenever it’s sunny in Cardiff, everyone over reacts. It’s only like

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Cardiff Term 1. Time flies.

Hello there strangers. Long-time no see? I’m sorry for the neglect! But duuuuuuuuudes, first term is hectiiiiic! Being a second year dentist is intense yo. I tell you whywhy… PART 1: THE ACADEMIC RANT STARRING: THE FLUFF MEISTER ET MOI. This term I’ve been introduced to my wondrous-phantom-head-that-disappointingly-isn’t-a-haunting creature-of-the-underworld-but-rather-a-plastic-dummy-that-I-have-humanised-by-bestowing upon-him-the-glorious-name-of-Fred. He’s amazing. I love Fred. Fred and I

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*Pulls terminator voice*…I’M BACK. Cardiff Take Two :)

Hey there. How you doin’? ;) Long time no see? Have you gotten fat? Y MY FOLLOWERS SO FAT?!   Jokes to all the pudgy ones reading this…we love you (she says whilst patting her own food baby.) Guys summer made me fat -.- I hate summer.   No seriously. I do…eventually you will too…you

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Catching Up…Easter Madness and Looming Finals *PANIC* featuring the return of fluffy.

Wazzzaaaap earthlings! Firstly sorry for such a late post! With poster projects and essay deadlines, and AN-EARTH-SHATTERINGLY-CRAZY-AMOUNT-OF-REVISION-THAT-I-HAVE-STARED-AT-WHILST-KEENING-SADLY-LIKE-A-WEIRD-PUPPY-CHILD-BUT-NOT-ACTUALLY-TOUCHED…I have abandoned yee! *Shock horror* Awwh…do you feel unloved? Neglected? A wee bit like that one bad flavour of ice cream that no one ever asks for because it just tastes funky (unless its Ben and Jerry’s..where every bit is

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Essay stress, Last week of lectures, and general misdeeds.

It is 1.37am in the morning. I have been awoken by a craving for flapjacks. Whilst nibbling this strangely delightful snack…I shall endeavour to explain my incredibly eventful, dramatic, and exciting fortnight of adventure, danger and mystery. Jokes it was boring. SHOCKINGLY  boring. Wa. You would think that one is physically incapable of boredom when your flatmate

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Second Term Taster: Part 1 of 3-The epic melodramatic battles of Fluffy and I

Alas! My little green bean prospective vegetables it has been a whole month since I have last posted! Firstly…MEGATRON APOLOGIES!  For you see…the dreaded moment of essay deadlines and in course assessments have arrived, leaving us poor nerdifying dental students to nerdify at an apocalyptic level and turn into super nerds…functioning purely on red bull and other

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