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So near and yet so far!

Easter is nearly up and boy do I wish it would last a little longer. Not because I have deadlines coming up, or even because the end of Easter means the beginning of exams. Its that it means I have only 5 more weeks of University left and its all over. Real life starts!  

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The End Is Nigh

Unfortunately in the past month I have done almost nothing blog worthy.   Nothing.   Not a smidge.   It seems all I ever talk about is my encroaching deadlines. But being my fourth and final year, hard work is my lifeblood at the moment. Between the lectures and library sessions I can manage a

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Six Nations is back again!

In case you did not realize, the rugby arrived once again last week and, as always, it delivered. One of the best things about living in Cardiff is the annual nation wide tribute to the six nations rugby competition. With the Millennium Stadium standing tall in the center of town, the hub of rugby day,

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It’s upon us again… Deadlines

As we close in on the end of the autumn semester it can only mean one thing… Christmas… nope The New Year’s good tidings… nahh The long drive back home to the loving family… hmm, as if. Then it can only be one thing. DEADLINES!!  No matter what year you are studying there will always

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Rugby, Rugby & Rugby

I thought as the international rugby games are now upon us its worth a small blog to really emphasise the importance of rugby in Cardiff. Being a born and bred football fan I came to Cardiff without a single interest in the so called ‘real mans’ game. But after three years of it being thrust

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