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Of Weather and Sewing

Having spent the last few weeks sweating buckets between brief respites in the form of intensely huge thunderstorms, I find myself quite disappointed that I might have to wear a hoodie later as it is already fairly chilly. As a British native, I feel like we, as a country, are very under-prepared for whatever weather

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Of Work, Art, and a little Biophysics

Once you’ve walked into the main entrance of Addenbrooke’s Hospital and to the left of the turning out of the main concourse towards “All Wards and Departments” there is a mural by Quentin Blake, the artist well known for the illustrations of Roald Dahl’s story collection and David Walliams weird books. (Roald Dahl is a particularly good

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Home again..

In all the rush to move out in September, moving into my own (admittedly shared) flat, nobody mentioned what the end of the year would be like. Platitudes about making friends and small gifts for my new room were given, and I was left with my own thoughts. Now, at the end of my first

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Don’t Blink!

As an avid fan of all things nerdy, one of the best things about living in Cardiff is the proximity of the one and only DR WHO EXPERIENCE in Cardiff Bay.. Which surprisingly, I have only visited once so far this year, post-exams. It was awesome. Also, if you put off booking tickets and go

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What do you mean, you’re disabled?

I have a secret. It’s the worst kept secret in the history of secrets though. Everybody (well, everybody I know) already knows it. The secret is this: I have type 1 diabetes. *Gasp!* This means my pancreas stopped producing insulin, a hormone used to get glucose from your blood into your cells (around my 8th

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