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We're all mad here..

Questions, and Answers

So, last time I wrote some questions that I thought would be useful for the people looking at Open Days, and I said I would provide the answers. Here there are, from a second year Physics perspective! About the Uni – ask these in the Union, or to the students in the department 1) What

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21 (or maybe 19) Questions

So, one of Cardiff Uni’s open days is coming up (tomorrow, actually!) and I was thinking about my experiences with the myriad of open days I went to in years 12 and 13. One of the things I can remember very clearly is that I was completely overwhelmed, and- knowing that uni was going to

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Of Weather and Sewing

Having spent the last few weeks sweating buckets between brief respites in the form of intensely huge thunderstorms, I find myself quite disappointed that I might have to wear a hoodie later as it is already fairly chilly. As a British native, I feel like we, as a country, are very under-prepared for whatever weather

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