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Freya’s blog

I’m a kickboxing philosophy student

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Exams + house parties with your lecturer + the hangover from hell = Uni: DONE!

Hey everyone, I’m no longer writing to you as a student, but as a graduand (The thing in between being a student and a graduate)! As of 2.30pm this week I finished my last exam meaning I’ve now completed my Philosophy degree here at Cardiff and I’m now free to celebrate! Needless to say then,

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The lull before the storm…

Hello from Cardiff..after almost a month at home celebrating Christmas, savouring the wonderful home-cooked food, basking in central heating and seeing home friends, I’m now back in Cardiff preparing to embark on my final semester here! As I told you all last week, it’s all gone by so fast, but there’s a certain shared vibe that people

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