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George’s blog

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More than just a degree…

So that’s it, my degree is done. Last week I presented my work for final moderation then walked away, a free man. To be honest it was slightly anti-climactic. The last 3 years have been filled with hours and hours of sitting behind a computer, turning down social events and being lazy when it comes

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Hi guys:)   I’ve had a number of questions this year via facebook and twitter asking what software we use here in Cardiff so I thought I’d take you through everything I use. This is particularly easy at the moment as i’m using pretty much everything I have while preparing for my final crit!!  

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Addicted to Pinterest

Hello All! I’m writing to you today, not to tell you about what I’ve been up to over the past few weeks since my last blog, but instead to confess my addiction to Pinterest. What is Pinterest? Imagine a clash between a scrap book and twitter. Pinterest allows users to ‘pin’ images of interest onto

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Hello Deadlines… Hello Cake

Hey Guys, So its been a while since I last wrote; we’ve had many deadlines since we’ve been back, and now I fill you in on everything! So we had an exam the first week back after Christmas – Practice Management and Economics for those who are interested – more the logistics/legal side of things

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2 Weeks To Go

Hey guys! So, its been pretty hectic since i last wrote! The tech project i was working on last?..well we had a big crit for that work a couple of weeks ago; we were pretty happy with all our work and pinned up 6 A1 sheets packed with info and diagrams! The parts that were

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