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Choosing Modules

Hi Guys! I’m currently attempting to select my modules for final year. Exciting! I thought I might go through a bit of the process with you guys, in case there are any first or second year students wanting to know a little more, or if any future undergrads are wondering how the course works. Final

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Time Saving Tips

As we all unfortunately know, University is very much about somehow trying to balance studying, with your social life, with societies, with sleeping, with exercising, with actually remembering to feed yourself…and so on. It’s important not to sacrifice anything so I thought I’d write a little list of tips for saving time. This might not

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Student Friendly Food

I’m currently trying to save up some money so I don’t have to rush into anything after University. Hopefully if I save up a bit of money I can take a little bit of time deciding what I want to do, rather than panic and rush into something. I think watching what you’re eating is

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Self Care

Sorry this is a bit of a short one today, I’m currently attempting to find somewhere else to finish my placement year at the moment, so I’m a little stressed! After my 3rd hour sat in exactly the same spot at the computer, I decided that I should probably give myself a break, and practice

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Plans Change

I’ve decided to write a bit of a personal post this time, so I hope you will all excuse me being a bit open and cheesy. I guess the message of this post is probably not to panic, things go wrong, your plans might  change, but it’s okay, you’ll get through it. I’m saying this

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Starting in September?

It’s coming to the time of year when a lot of you will be receiving offers and deciding where to go. So I just wanted to make sure you all know that you can message me with any questions, or follow me on twitter, and I will try my hardest to answer!  I can also

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Presentation Woes

I’m currently preparing to give my first journal article presentation to the research group I’m working in (as part of my placement year). I’m terrified for several reason: Reason number one being that I picked a paper that is super interesting and relevant to the research a lot of people in the group a currently

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New Years Resolutions

1. I think I am a strong contender for Queen of the panickers. I panic too much, everything worries me. I spend several hours a day playing out the many different paths I could take after my degree, worrying about how well I will do in each exam and piece of coursework, getting distressed because

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