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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Decisions, decisions

I’m sure a lot of A level students reading this are trying to work out what they want to study for a degree, where to study and what to do for the rest of their career and possibly panicking a fair amount. Whilst I can’t help with the last two, although they may follow from

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It’s starting to get serious in third year and we are only a few weeks into term. So far I’ve had 2 primary care patients, 1 contact lens patient, 3 special assessment patients, 2 low vision tutorials and a whole host of lectures, mostly at either 9am or 5pm. This means I am generally in

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Aikido meaning “the Way of harmonious spirit” is a Japanese martial art developed by Morihei Ueshiba as a way of combining his spiritual beliefs with his philosophy and martial studies – he previously trained in judo and jiu jitsu. He envisioned it as an art that practitioners could use to protect themselves but without harming

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I’m sure a lot of first years who may be reading this are feeling a little bit confused about what they have gotten themselves into, I know I was 2 years ago, and I’m not just talking about a reaction to the alcohol consumption from Freshers. This is a perfectly normal reaction to being thrown

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Summer in the Bay

Although I’ve spent almost all the time since finishing exams on work placements, with another 2 weeks to go, I have somehow managed to find some time to relax, partly in Roath Park but also for a trip down to Cardiff Bay. Cardiff Bay is a beautiful location place to chill out, about 15 minutes walk

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Roath Park

Roath Park is one of the many green spaces that can be found in Cardiff, and a popular place to relax especially after exams. Located about a 10 minute walk away from most of Cathays, Roath Park is split into two main parts, the lake and botanical garden part and the recreation part. Don’t worry

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