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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Roath Park

Roath Park is one of the many green spaces that can be found in Cardiff, and a popular place to relax especially after exams. Located about a 10 minute walk away from most of Cathays, Roath Park is split into two main parts, the lake and botanical garden part and the recreation part. Don’t worry

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I’ll be back

Today was nerve wracking for two reasons; firstly it’s Friday the thirteenth and secondly it was results day. So whilst the third years have been told their provisional classification, we just get told whether we have passed or have any resits. The full results come out in the next week or so with module marks

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Halfway there

Last week I passed a major milestone, I am now halfway through my exams for the year :-D This makes the following song very apt, being halfway and a few of us feel we are living on a prayer. On the home stretch now and leading up to the traditional OPSOC end of year night

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Food, glorious food

Having just finished my first exam today, my thoughts have turned to food. In particular some of the various places I have eaten over the last year or so, so here are a few places round Cathays that I have eaten. You can find the actual Google map showing locations and which is which here.

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Eat, sleep, revise, repeat

The title seems to pretty much sum up what I’ve been doing since my last blog, although I have managed to find the time to go out for dinner a few times which may well feature as a blog at a later date. It’s the inevitable point of the year when students turn into hermits

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Judgement Day

Since my last blog I have spent most of the week working my way through my large pile of lecture notes so I can start revising for the 6 exams I have that start in mid-May. Engage panic mode! .However on Sunday I decided to take a break and make the most of not being

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