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Iain's blog

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

This blog is now closed. Please see the homepage for other insiders you can follow.

Second year

Eyeopener and AFTAs

Around this time of the year every year, optometry students from all over the country descend on a Centre Parcs for the AOP’s annual Eyeopener conference. It is aimed at 2nd year students (3rd year from Glasgow Caledonian) and provides a lot of information about what you can do with optometry as a career other

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I’ll be back

Today was nerve wracking for two reasons; firstly it’s Friday the thirteenth and secondly it was results day. So whilst the third years have been told their provisional classification, we just get told whether we have passed or have any resits. The full results come out in the next week or so with module marks

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Eat, sleep, revise, repeat

The title seems to pretty much sum up what I’ve been doing since my last blog, although I have managed to find the time to go out for dinner a few times which may well feature as a blog at a later date. It’s the inevitable point of the year when students turn into hermits

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Hello and welcome

The first thing I need to say is hello and welcome to my new blog. The aim or my aim at least, is to give you an insight into my life and the life of the rest of the optometry students here at Cardiff University. Hopefully along the way you may be amused, interested and

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