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There are always a few spare hours in the day.

‘To end on a reflective note’

Hello guys, I’m sure you’ll be pleased to hear this is my last ever blog. Fear not, for those still eager to gain any insight into studying medicine there will be some younger, more enthusiastic students taking over very soon possibly with more frequent updates. I started writing this blog in during my intercalated year

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Progress Test Stress

If any of you are particularly loyal followers of my Blog I’d imagine you probably get a rather favourable view of being a medical student in Cardiff. Some good nights out, interesting intercalated projects, plenty of rugby, the odd expenses paid conference and planning an elective. However, it pains me to say that it is

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Elective planning

It’s the end of what turned into a pretty busy term after returning to year 4, dealing with a new curriculum, new exams and most of all a lot more medicine to learn. It has been a good experience nonetheless. It’s been nice to go home over Christmas and have some time off to re

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Cardiff University Oncology Society

Hello everyone, so one of the things I have been throwing my energy into this year is a new society I have helped to start with some friends called Cardiff University Oncology Society. Though at first you could be forgiven for thinking that it sounds a bit dry, cancer now will affect 1 in 2

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4th year starts

4th year starts So after what has probably been the summer holiday of my life its back to the reality of medicine after a year intercalating in medical genetics. I’m expecting its going to be a bit of a shock to the system, not least because I think I’ve probably forgotten quite a lot of

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