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Madeleine’s blog

Aspiring to conquer life's challenges - or maybe just my degree for now!

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First Day on the Job

A big hello from my new desk at my new job! Cardiff has well and truly been put to bed (until I return for graduation!) and it’s now time to play in the big kids playground. The inevitable struggle with my 6am alarm to commute to London wasn’t that warmly received, but having made it

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Insider Interview: Looking back on my Geography & Planning degree

1.   What makes Cardiff such a great place to study Geography & Planning? I didn’t choose Cardiff, Cardiff chose me!  (*laughs*) Seriously, I chose Cardiff School of Planning and Geography (CPLAN) for a few different reasons.  It’s known to be one of the leading research centres in the UK with a 95% satisfaction rate in

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A marathon or a sprint…

Tomorrow is the first day of April. TOMORROW IS APRIL. How has this happened?! I swear it was the other week that I was celebrating the New Year and coming back to Uni for my final semester. Or Hong Kong… I left for Hong Kong nearly six weeks ago. In two months time I will

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