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On How-to-live-through-student-life-without-turning-into-a-unicorn-guide


A new page in my life has been turned, and it never seems to get easier. Although my graduation will take place in summer 2015, my time in Cardiff is over. From my previous post you know how hard it has been to leave that homey and utterly sweet place. I am writing to you

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Diddle-daddle, dilly-dally and dawdle

Hello beautiful people!   Summer is approaching, and the sun is starting  to wake up from it’s long hibernation! I hope you all have wonderful plans to look forward too and that exams have or are still going well. Keep  it up :D   I personally haven’t really started, can you imagine? I’ve had an

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Hey guys! I am back from slumber-land. I kept postponing this thrilling moment where I finally present to you my dissertation….. because of how super interesting it is of course! Hahaha, seriously though, no matter what you are studying and on what subject you write on, I guarantee you that the feeling of satisfaction after

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Hey guys! This is the first time I’m writing to you all, and I have to say… I’m kind of excited, yet freaked out at the same time. Sort of like when you go on a first date with a person you barely know, and I’m not talking about what people call ‘butterflies’, oh no,

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