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Only in Cardiff

Things Maths Students Know

Wondering what it’s really like to study maths? In the prevailing style of every media outlet, I thought I’d share a few nuggets of knowledge about what it’s like to be a maths student. 1. You are expected to be everyone’s calculator as soon as you need to split a bill. (Cue you getting out

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Awards Week!

This month has been pretty busy, with not one but two awards ceremonies! First was the annual Enriching Student Life Awards, or the ESLAs for short. The ESLAs are coordinated by the SU every year to recognise staff and students who have made a difference and enriched people’s lives over the last year. It was

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Where has 2015 gone already?

It’s been a busy month for sure. Let me tell you what’s been going on… First it was Volunteering Week! Student Volunteering Week runs every year and is an annual celebration of the work of student volunteers. At SVC we run a week full of one off volunteering events and also have our ball and

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Happy New Year!

I know a lot of people who are cynical about New Years Resolutions, with good reason. It’s usually just promising unrealistic things which are forgotten about by the second week of January, and I’ll freely admit that I’m guilty of that… But there’s something about having a whole fresh year to do things with that

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It’s Christmas in Cardiff!

Cardiff at Christmas is the best thing ever. Like ever.   I mean, I love Christmas anyway – I’m ready to put up the tinsel in mid October – so when the rest of the city catches up with me I get happy. Winter Wonderland is amazing and I’m ready to go iceskating soon! As

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Back with a bang!

Guys! It’s been a while. I want to say life has been crazy busy and I’ve been doing so many exciting things that I haven’t had time to blog but truth is I think placement life is starting to catch up with me in a sleep, work, walk home, veg out in front of gossip

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