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Non Geeky Welsh Computer Geek!

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Only in Cardiff

5 things exams do to you..

Hi! Its my 1st blog of 2015, and its so nice to be able to have the chance to chill out and do something except revision for a change. Second semester stared Monday, and another semester filled with different challenges awaits us all. Sorry about the fact that this blog post is late in the

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5 nights of Freshers.

Hi Lovely Readers! So it’s freshers week here, and student halls across Cardiff, and houses across Cathays are full of hungover, sleep deprived students by day, but full of house parties and ‘jolly’ students by night. The joys of freshers week! This is just a quick little post as to how my freshers week is

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CONGRATULATIONS EVERYBODY ON YOUR RESULTS TODAY! WOOOO (: So you’ve done it.. Passed your exams and come September you’ll be heading down to Cardiff with a car loaded to the top with possessions. EXCITINGGG!!! I’ve got to admit, it was pretty exciting scrolling through Facebook this morning looking at all of the screenshots of UCAS

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Here, there and everywhere..

Hi lovely readers! Just  a quick post on what I’ve been up to since leaving Cardiff… and also a few tips on what you could do before coming to Cardiff University! I’m currently working three jobs, and today I get the pleasure of going to all three of them! Haha! Getting a job over the

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