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I'm a loud-mouthed Londoner with a love for wine, eating out and having Twitter debates.


I think it takes quite a lot of courage for a student to admit that they’re bored of boozing. I’m one of them. I like a sociable drink, but once upon a time I took it a bit far and got myself into stupid situations because I had drunk too much. As a student, it’s

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I’m now 21! A bonafide adult. And what better way to celebrate turning 21? WELL VEGAS OF COURSE! Whilst most of you were settling into your new homes and preparing yourself from Fresher’s week, I was heading out to Sin City to enjoy being legally able to drink, gamble and have the ultimate time in

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I’m currently writing this, physically exhausted after one of the most amazing weekends of my life at Glastonbury Festival. Arriving back home at 4am, today has been somewhat of a struggle, and tomorrow I’m driving down to Cardiff to get the last of my stuff out of my house… I’m sort of dreading it as

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