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Awards Week!

This month has been pretty busy, with not one but two awards ceremonies!

First was the annual Enriching Student Life Awards, or the ESLAs for short. The ESLAs are coordinated by the SU every year to recognise staff and students who have made a difference and enriched people’s lives over the last year. It was such a lovely evening with some staff recognised who have done absolutely wonderful things for their students and really going the extra mile. I think it’s a testament to the dedication that the staff at Cardiff show and the fact that this event exists at all shows that the University is keen to recognise people who do good.

So why was I there? I was bowled over when I received an email on a random Friday evening with an invite to the ESLAs, saying I’d been shortlisted for the Honour Roll. The Honour Roll is one of the student awards at the evening, along with Student Rep of the Year, and is intended for students who have achieved something really worthwhile outside of their studies. It didn’t take long to scope out who had nominated me, my line manager and team manager at work – guessed by their very suspicious answers to “Do you know who nominated me?”… I was really chuffed, and even got an ESLA mug to keep!

This is my excited face

So the day of the ESLAs finally came around, and I headed over with my flatmate James who had nominated one of his lecturers, Dr Vince Knight, for Most Innovative Lecturer – the rule is that if some one you nominated gets shortlisted then you get to go to the event with them.


The evening itself was so enjoyable, not only was there amazing food but hearing the stories of the nominations was really heart warming. I had such a great time and was so happy for everyone who won an award that evening! Some of the awards included Best Personal Tutor, Most Innovative Lecturer, Most Uplifting Staff Member, The Employability Award and more! One of the best awards of the evening was the Lifetime Achievement Award which is given by the Vice-Chancellor to someone who had made a life-long commitment to the student experience. The winner of the award was Dr. Chris Turner, who will be retiring at the end of the year and obviously really deserved the award for the commitment he had made to students during his time at the University.



So, the ESLAs was one evening. The next was the 2015 Societies Ball! I went with the Maths Society committee as something of an honorary member, because they were shortlisted for Best Large Society, and my aforementioned flatmate James was shortlisted for Officer’s Choice which is an award given by the Elected Officers for the most dedicated and involved society member from the past year! A busy evening indeed.

It was also an emotional evening as most of the people I know on my course are graduating this year, so it was the last big event for them before graduation – terrifying right? Of course this meant we all had to get a picture in front of the Maths building…


The night was a huge success; James won the Officers choice award, and Student Led Services week  (which two of my housemates were involved in) came runner up in best society collaboration!

When Jane and I decided to steal all the trophies and pretend we won them…


I had such a great time, and I’m pretty sad that ‘Ball season’ is over now :( I’m really proud of all my friends and what they’ve achieved this year though! At the moment everyone is struggling through their exams so it will all be over soon… terrifying!!


I hope your having a good month, whether your doing exams or otherwise!





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