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As a medic I try to remember that stressed is just desserts spelt backwards!

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Back to Reality

Hello everyone! I hope that you are all enjoying your summer holidays, whether you have been working or you’ve been travelling, and that wherever you are the weather has held up! I myself have just got back from interrailing around Europe with two of my best friends from medicine. So for once rather than talking about medicine, I’ll be talking about all the different cities that we found ourselves in during our European adventure.


We started our trip by flying to Amsterdam. We spent the days wondering around Amsterdam’s famous canals, visiting the major sites including Dam Square and the Museum Quarter of the City and also visiting the house of Anne Frank. Seeing that we were in Amsterdam, we had to experience the city the way the Dutch do, so we rented bikes to cycle in the world’s most bike friendly city. Seeing as that we were also massive tourists, we headed to the iconic I Amsterdam, where I spent a good embarrassing twenty minutes trying to climb to the top of one of the letters…


A six hour train journey and next thing we knew we were in Berlin! While we were there we caught a train to the North of Germany to visit ‘Sachsenhausen’ a Concentration Camp in Oranienburg. While in Germany, we also visited the remains of the Berlin Wall, both in the centre of the city and also at the outskirts; where what remains of the wall has been turned into a gallery. Here the wall is covered with graffiti from a huge array of different artists, and every three weeks the designs are re-sprayed over. These places along with the Holocaust Memorial and the Brandenburg Gate are a must see if you find yourself in the city!


Next city, and country, Prague! This was definitely my favourite city that we went to, because it is so different to all the other cities I’ve ever seen. Overlooked by the famous Prague Castle, the city is divided into old and new towns. The most unusual thing we did in Prague was actually visit the Toy Museum, the home to the world’s smallest doll, and also nearly every Barbie doll ever created since the birth of the company. The collection included everything from the U.S Presidents to a pregnant Barbie complete with a removable tummy to reveal a small plastic baby inside! While in Prague we walked along the Charles Bridge, which crosses the Vltava River. Mainly because we still hadn’t had our year 2 results yet and there is a tradition that if you rub the gold lucky dog statue it will bring you good luck!


Vienna can be described in just one word and that is beautiful. We were only there for a day and a half so had to do well to cram in all we wanted to see. We spent our first day seeing Vienna’s famous opera houses, St. Stephens Cathedral and the city’s parliament and town hall. Also seeing as I absolutely love anything royal family related, we went to see the Imperial Palace located in the centre of the city, but also to Schonbrunn Palace. The former imperial summer residence. The palace has an incredible 1,441 rooms and is set in 435 acres of gardens. It’s that big, the palace even has its own zoo!


(My house in) Budapest (my hidden treasure chest) was certainly one of the greatest places that we visited while we were interailing. However by the time we got to Budapest the Central European Heatwave was at new highs and the temperature reached 40 degrees Celsius while we were at the city! So in Budapest we mainly tried to find water that we could swim in to cool down! With this goal in mind we went to the Szechenyi Baths and also to Margaret Island the home of lots of different swimming pools and water parks. Budapest was also the city we found ourselves in when we had to get our results from our exams this year…but luckily petting that lucky dog must have helped because we all passed! Celebrating by going to the cities iconic ruin pubs and a rooftop bar which looks over the city!

But I am actually now meant to be getting ready for my Cousin’s hen party! We are headed to a mystery location for a weekend of fun before her wedding this September, where I’m very excited to be a bridesmaid! So I’ll fill you all in with the rest of my travels and my summer adventures next time! Enjoy the sunshine! (Surprisingly it is sunny in Cardiff right now!).

See you soon!


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