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Being mature is not my speciality...

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Boy, that escalated quickly…

How this week got so out of hand, i really don’t know. Sunday night I told myself that this week I would begin work on various essays I have due in this month, and that in order to do that I’d try not go out so much.

That didn’t work out so well in the end.

Monday night, the Journalism society had a social with the theme of “Zombie pub golf”, which although was a lot of fun, really destroyed any chances of me starting any essays on monday. I spent Tuesday mostly feeling sorry for my hungover self and scraping desperately at the white and black face paint which was clinging on to me since monday night.

Come Wednesday, i was already frustrated with myself, but i knew that due to Halloween, rugby and duties as an editor of Gair rhydd (the student newspaper), i would get no work done on the essays until Friday. Losing the rugby match probably didn’t help this frustration. But Wednesday was Halloween and as a student, Halloween is a must. God knows why, but not going out on Halloween just doesn’t seem to be an option and of course with this comes the whole dressing up business. My previous costumes include a dead cow and robin (with no batman… how low my self-esteem must be to be the sidekick by choice…) and this year i felt that i should make some effort seeing as it will be my last Halloween as an undergrad.

After much moaning and dragging myself and others around the city i settled on going out as… a cowboy.

And no, it wasn’t a ‘dead cowboy’ or a John Wayne/Clint Eastwood-esque cowboy either. It was more Village People than anything. Still, it is a costume right? Anyway, my housemates(dressed as indians, with bows made of clothes hangers and no arrows thank god…) and I decided to go out with the Welsh Society or ‘Gym Gym’ as it’s known. Safe to say there were others who had made far more effort than i had, including a dead Mario and several ‘ghosts’ dressed in bedsheets, which i actually hadn’t seen in a while surprisingly…

Thursday was entirely spent working on the newspaper (which i will probably blabber on about many times in future posts…)

By Friday all hope of any work being done was lost, so after my 9am lecture, in which we watched an episode of Fawlty Towers which was rather entertaining, i had a nap in preparation for the Rugby Social that evening. Being the captain, the rugby socials can tend to be rather stressful due to the organising issues and so forth, but we made the social work eventually and this morning’s headache was testament to that.

So anyway, i’ve still not started on those essays and next week is already practically starting. But i won’t complain about my week which had originally supposed to be a rather bland one but escalated into a right messy one.

Maybe i’ll start those essays next week…. Wish me luck.


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