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As a medic I try to remember that stressed is just desserts spelt backwards!

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Cardiff University Research Society

Hello everyone! I hope that you are now all enjoying your summer holidays and you’ve finished all of your exams! (Sadly I know this isn’t the case for medics in years 3-5…) I was actually lucky enough to finish my exams on the 2nd of June so I’m now fully settled into post exam life! But despite having nearly three months off, I’m still not completely detached from the medical school, as last Wednesday I took part in the Size of Sepsis in Wales Audit at the University Hospital of Wales.

The investigation took place over a period of 24 hours across a range of Welsh Hospitals. The aim of which, was trying to determine how widespread sepsis is in Wales. Students from all years of the medical degree programme got involved and signed up to the study after the Cardiff University Research Society (CURes) began recruiting. As part of the study, students could have had one of two roles. The first being a data collector. Data collectors as part of the study were allocated an eight hour shift at a hospital, partnered with another medical student and were given a tablet for them to complete the sepsis screen on the patients they saw. The second role being a hospital lead. Hospital leads were students who took part in the sepsis study in the previous year. Each hospital had a student acting as a hospital lead who oversaw the data collection process by the other students over the 24 hour period. Although staying awake from 8am-8am was probably exhausting… I suppose it would have been good practice for the future, when you’re on call and trying to squeeze in tactful naps whenever possible!

So I was actually allocated the 4pm-12am shift at the hospital, and it was the first time that I’d ever been in a hospital at night as a medical student. As although I’ve been admitted to hospital in the past, I was usually asleep, so I never got to appreciate how the workings of the ward change at night. The study was also a great opportunity to get more familiar with looking in patient notes and searching their test results on the online hospital portal. It was also lovely to meet students from other years, as in my team of six, I’d never met any of the other students, and myself being the only student on the C21 programme. I was actually partnered with a fifth year and it was lovely hearing all about their electives and the jobs and rotations they will be starting in August. So although I was incredibly jealous of what they’ve done this year… they were still incredibly jealous of me and fellow year 2s, who still have at least three more years of going to the lash!

So as I mentioned the students were recruited for the sepsis study through the Cardiff University Research Society (CURes). CURes is a student led society which is focussed on providing research opportunities for medical students in Cardiff and help to connect senior academics to students. What’s pretty unique about CURes, is that the society has a special relationship with the School of Medicine, and is completely detached from the student’s union, meaning that all of the events and services we run are free for all Cardiff medical students to take part in.

So for those of you who don’t know much about CURes, the society recently underwent quite a big change! So instead of the committee being made up of the traditional positions adopted by the majority of societies. CURes has now divided itself into 6 sub committees which are all made up 1 or 2 students and a student lead, with all 6 sub committees being overseen by the president of the society. So say hello to your new committee!

Now I really better dash off because tomorrow I’m off interailing for a month with two of my friends from medicine Becky and Elin (that’s us on the left!) and I still have lots to sort out before I go! We are starting off by flying to Amsterdam, then travelling to Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Ljubljana, Lake Bled, Zagreb, Plitvice, Split and finally to the island of Hvar before flying home! Wish me luck for 1. Making it to all of these places, and 2. Coming back with a good tan!

See you soon!




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