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The only dentist who is destined to have no teeth

Catching Up…Easter Madness and Looming Finals *PANIC* featuring the return of fluffy.

Wazzzaaaap earthlings! Firstly sorry for such a late post! With poster projects and essay deadlines, and AN-EARTH-SHATTERINGLY-CRAZY-AMOUNT-OF-REVISION-THAT-I-HAVE-STARED-AT-WHILST-KEENING-SADLY-LIKE-A-WEIRD-PUPPY-CHILD-BUT-NOT-ACTUALLY-TOUCHED…I have abandoned yee! *Shock horror*

Awwh…do you feel unloved? Neglected? A wee bit like that one bad flavour of ice cream that no one ever asks for because it just tastes funky (unless its Ben and Jerry’s..where every bit is pure heavenly goodness.)

Alas! I am truly truly sorry.

From deep down within my gooey gooey heart ventricles.

But yeah Easter holidays were loooooong. They caused severe separation anxiety from my crazy flatmates and a monstrous need for compulsive eating which resultantly lead me to become a wee bit chubby (AWKWARD.) It also involved monstrous catch ups with old friends and intense revision sessions that caused my brain to pulsate weirdly. :S

Then I returrrneeed! And after a horrific test, I caught up with all my maytiiees by running into Costa and buying those ridiculously mahoosive digestive biscuits and ravaging them in a disgusting display of crumbs and crying (I do that a lot…I must be an oddbod)

Theeeeen I gigged it out in the evening at a King Charles concert. *Rave* If any of you guys are into the more indie sounding music scene, then the Gate Arts Centre in Cardiff is the center of a lot of gigs! The concert was sooo good with brilliant opening acts and a super long encore that included some serious guitar solos!  At the end of the night I literally could not bend my poor knees and I woke up in the morn like a jello mold. Wobblewobblewobble-I’m-a-partially-solidified-gelatinous-desert-NOM.

The next day after burning breakfast and setting off the fire alarm (which I totally blamed on Fluffy) me and my long lost hairy friend then wandered the streets of Cardiff aimlessly, and spent our morning reading Doctor Who Comics in a Comic Book store and chatting to the cheery bearded owner code named -THE-ELUSIVE-BEARDED-MAN- for epic impact. We then grabbed a good old “Boots meal deaL”  and revised a bit in Bute Park. Theeen we got distracted by pretty things and took some crazy random pictures which you can check out on my Instagram account WHICH I FINALLY STARED! Raaahwaaayywooo! But for now check out some cheeky teaser pics below!

Varsity is also coming up supeeer soon! In fact tomorrow is indeed the anticipated day!! Alas I did not get a ticket because I am at the dentist getting teeth pulled out…(oh the irony) BUT NEVER FEAR! The wondrous event shall be covered by my fellow Insider peeps! So stay tuned for some serious sporting and partying updates!

As for me….I welcome a tedious month of studying…crying…studying…and crying whilst studying. WOE IS ME!

Au Revoir Earthlings!! See you next time ;)

Look how close I was to the front!! AAAAH crazy epic night



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