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Going out


Don’t Blink!

As an avid fan of all things nerdy, one of the best things about living in Cardiff is the proximity of the one and only DR WHO EXPERIENCE in Cardiff Bay.. Which surprisingly, I have only visited once so far this year, post-exams. It was awesome. Also, if you put off booking tickets and go

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A Rain Mac Saves The Day

A serious perk of finishing approximately 4 weeks before most people have even started their exams means I can freely go gallivanting off around the country. To a lot of students, british summer time means one thing, and one thing only: festivals. I’ve been to a few festivals, starting my early career- as many do-

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First Year Halls – Senghennydd Court

Yep it’s the best name ever! I’ve heard it pronounced sooo many different ways. It’s pronounced Sen-gen-eth, but variations include Seng-hen-eeed (the one I was using for the first week at least) and Senny-genny-ed. All I can say is, Welcome to Wales! It’s one of the first year residences at Cardiff and was my first

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Halfway there

Last week I passed a major milestone, I am now halfway through my exams for the year :-D This makes the following song very apt, being halfway and a few of us feel we are living on a prayer. On the home stretch now and leading up to the traditional OPSOC end of year night

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Food, glorious food

Having just finished my first exam today, my thoughts have turned to food. In particular some of the various places I have eaten over the last year or so, so here are a few places round Cathays that I have eaten. You can find the actual Google map showing locations and which is which here.

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