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Fy marn i, Lleu Bleddyn am astudio yn y Gymraeg/Lleu Bleddyn and the advantages of Welsh Medium HE

Mae cyfle i chi ddarllen am lysgenhadon y Coleg Cymraeg yn y blog arbennig sy’n sôn am eu profiadau o fod yn fyfyrwyr mewn prifysgolion ledled Cymru sef Llais y Llysgennad  Dilyna #LlaisLlysgennad ar Twitter er mwyn cael darlun o fywyd myfyriwr cyfrwng Cymraeg ar ffurf lluniau, fideos a llawer mwy!  

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Self Care

Sorry this is a bit of a short one today, I’m currently attempting to find somewhere else to finish my placement year at the moment, so I’m a little stressed! After my 3rd hour sat in exactly the same spot at the computer, I decided that I should probably give myself a break, and practice

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Impulse House

I’ve just done something potentially very very stupid… So I have no idea how many of you are aware, but it’s gotten to that point in the year where people in first year have been thinking about the (mostly) inevitable move out of halls and into private accommodation, and with that comes no end of

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