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Second year



The last few weeks in Cardiff have been pretty hectic. Between 8 different coursework due .. (I still live to tell the tale haha) various nights out (although there haven’t been that many, but the nights that I have been out were great :) ), Autumn International matches on the weekends and birthdays, it’s been

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Eyeopener and AFTAs

Around this time of the year every year, optometry students from all over the country descend on a Centre Parcs for the AOP’s annual Eyeopener conference. It is aimed at 2nd year students (3rd year from Glasgow Caledonian) and provides a lot of information about what you can do with optometry as a career other

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Gyrfaoedd fin nos?

Dim ond ar ddamwain y des i ar draws sgwrs a oedd o ddiddordeb arbennig i mi fel myfyriwr Gwleidyddiaeth. Lwcus i mi weld nodyn gan fyfyriwr ychydig mwy cydwybodol na fi yn hysbysu’r digwyddiad ar dudalen Facebook y Gymdeithas Wleidyddiaeth. Rhaid cyfaddef nad oeddwn i wedi cofrestru â Gwasanaeth Gyrfaoedd Prifysgol Caerdydd…yng nghanol holl

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Day Trip to Oakwood and City Road Food Rampage

Wanna know the best thing about Cardiff? City Road. Wanna know the worst thing about Cardiff? City Road. You will get fat…and you will like it. Not like “Oh look at my cute little food baby” fat… I’m talking discovering-my-long-lost-twin-and-endeavouring-to-ingest-her-so-now-my-BMI-has-doubled-and-I’m-a-chubba-monster…fat. Excuse the implied cannibalism and let me explain. So Cardiff is pretty multicultural. It’s a

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