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Second year


Everybody loves Kung Fu Fighting!

So my third day of study had arrived and this was also Chinese valentines day. therefore another reason to go out. But before the fun begins we had a tour of Hangzhou that I conveniently overslept for and so instead spent the morning wandering the streets to see if i could find any hidden gems.

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Zeijiang University, Ni Hao!

My study China adventure begins finally when i arrive in Hangzhou, after my short travels across Wuhan and Beijing I take up camp in my new student digs at Zeijiang University. I made it into Hangzhou station by 9pm but turns out Hangzhou is a lot busier than I was used to and so getting

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I’ll be back

Today was nerve wracking for two reasons; firstly it’s Friday the thirteenth and secondly it was results day. So whilst the third years have been told their provisional classification, we just get told whether we have passed or have any resits. The full results come out in the next week or so with module marks

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