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Second year


Hello and welcome

The first thing I need to say is hello and welcome to my new blog. The aim or my aim at least, is to give you an insight into my life and the life of the rest of the optometry students here at Cardiff University. Hopefully along the way you may be amused, interested and

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I actually can’t believe I’ve now reached the halfway mark of my second year, and halfway to graduation! When people said that university flies by it was an understatement! I can’t believe how quickly it’s gone, and although quite scary, it’s also really exciting to start thinking about life outside of the uni bubble. My

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*Pulls terminator voice*…I’M BACK. Cardiff Take Two :)

Hey there. How you doin’? ;) Long time no see? Have you gotten fat? Y MY FOLLOWERS SO FAT?!   Jokes to all the pudgy ones reading this…we love you (she says whilst patting her own food baby.) Guys summer made me fat -.- I hate summer.   No seriously. I do…eventually you will too…you

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