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Cathays Life!

Hi! :)

So now that I’ve started my second year at university, I’ve moved further into Cathays to a lovely little house with five other friends. Living in a house is sooooo nice, and despite the whole paying rent, and bills on top of that fun, ( hahaha.. Oh we sure have had fun paying bills.. Haven’t we Gwen ;) ) I personally think its easier in a way. Everything is so chilled out, we actually have a room we can socialise in (I mean that kitchens in halls were small..) and here we can chill on the sofa and watch the television and talk for hours.. a favourite past time in this house!

I love Cathays and how it is literally Student-ville, with everything a student needs within walking distance, from corner shops, to pubs, laundrettes to hairdressers, this place has everything. One thing i’m loving about our house is the fact that it is so close to a pub- great if you don’t have any food left or arent in the mood to cook, and so nice to just go have a drink and chill in from time to time. Living in a house has made me feel more like a student, and that I actually properly belong here in Cardiff :)

Top Tip Freshers- Don’t panic after reading this, I know its only the fourth week, but I feel that this year is going so fast already! But.. Over the next few weeks the word ‘Housing’ will pop up in some converstaions. Now the best thing about living in a house is that you get to choose who you want to live with! So over the next few months you might want to think about this and before Christmas you should definitely approach this subject with your friends. Don’t rush into it, remember to go and see more than one house, and discuss rent prices with your family and friends.

Another great advantage of living in a house is the fact that theres most definitely a chance that your room will be bigger than the one you get at halls, and depending on your landlord you will most likely have a double bed. Win! You can again make your own little stamp on your room, and make it as homely as you like.


My Room :)

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