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Choosing My Final Year Project

Hi again!

So this is pretty similar to my last post…but now I am trying to sort out the other part of final year; my final year project. So just like last time, I thought I would run through the process of doing this with you guys :)

In final year you have to work on a project with the help of a supervisor. I’ve been given a massive booklet filled with all of the possible projects, they’re on an incredibly wide variety of topics. Some of the projects are very similar to some of the stuff we’ve been taught over the past two years and some are entirely new to us! The range of projects is amazing, and it’s impossible not to find at least a handful that you would love.

There are four sections in the booklet:
Learning, Memory, and Cognition
Perception and Performance
Social Psychology
Health and Lifespan

We have to pick one project from each of the sections. We will then be given one of our four choices. If you don’t get one of your choices you will be assigned another…although I have been told that there is usually opportunity to discuss the project you want to do with your supervisor. So if you don’t get what you want, you can always work on coming up with something you’ll enjoy alongside your supervisor. So it isn’t the end of the world!
Just like with the modules people will pick based on the topic, or the supervisor…some people will pick the ones they think won’t be as popular, as this makes them more likely to get one of their choices.

Here are a handful of examples from each section:
Cognition and interventions in animal models of Alzheimer’s disease
Why are habits difficult to overcome?
Does training with Chinese characters help configural processing of visual stimuli?
Why are visual memories more fragile than verbal memories?
What makes someone attractive?
Sensory Processing and Autistic Traits
Improving cochlear implant users’ hearing in noise
What difference can one person make? Social influences on climate change action
Stereotype threat in the 21st century
When and why do people cheat?
Family processes and child adjustment among adoptive families

This is only a tiny fraction of the amount of projects available!

I am having so much trouble deciding on a project as there are plenty that I love the sound of. The deadline is coming up though, so I better decide!

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