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Christmas Antics

Good day every one . Happy New Year or as we say in Wales Blwyddyn Newydd Da to you all. I hope that you have all had a great Christmas and rang the New Year in Style.

I though I would use this post to let you know what I have been up to over the Holidays.So here goes. For medics the end of term is always a little later than every one else so it wasnt untill the 21st of December that I finally got to ditch the stethoscope and books and get my christmas mojo on!

Festivities at home always begin by putting up the decorations with every one whilst blaring the christmas music, and trying not to go insane whilst untangling christmas lights. (Harder than a solving a rubix cube I swear to god) After this I always feel like christmas has arrived and I was determined to enjoy this one more than most as I will in all likelihood be working next christmas, + it was the chance for me to fully recharge my batteries before settling down to finals revision.

So enjoy I did. I spent a large amount of time eating whilst sat watching rubbish on TV in front of the fire, eating whilst in bed, eating whilst cooking and even eating whilst  trying to beat my brother on FIFA….. (I think you get the picture!)  Alas I did manage to burn off some of the calories I consumed as my training program continues (even on christmas eve (my birthday!) and christmas day!!) so hopefully I don’t resemble a christmas pudding too much right now.

As for new years eve mine was pretty tame this year, as it is a new years tradition to get out for a nice long ride with some of the boys I train with. And I didn’t fancy riding for nearly 4 hours with a hangover like last year. So I was tucked up by 11 and up the next day bright and early. I was rewarded for my good behaviour with a spectacular ride in the Welsh Mountains, even the sunshine came out for what was a glorious ride. It was such a great way to start the new year and totally worth the early bedtime on NYE.

So that’s my Christmas in a nutshell. Pretty quiet, but lovely all the same. I hope yours was just as nice. As for 2013, its set to be a pretty hectic year for me as my time at Cardiff University rapidly comes to an end. So no new year resolutions, just like every other year aim to be nice to every one I meet and work hard and hopefully everything will work out alright.

I hope you all have a fantastic 2013 . Speak to you soon.


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