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A mad musician who walks into walls whilst sober

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Christmas :D

Around Christmas time there are of course tons of socials to go to. The jazz society organized jazz at Christmas (a concert for all the jazz groups in jazz society) at Talybont social. It was a night of cool jazz music, Christmas music and alcohol of course.  I avoided the alcohol before the concert as me + alcohol + saxophone would = disaster!

Living in Talybont becomes even more interesting at Christmas time. You see loads of fake snow in windows and Christmas decorations. Walking through Talybont at night at Christmas you see strange things. From guys dressed up in skimpy Santa dresses to a random guy running around in just a kilt when it’s freezing outside. When I say just a kilt, I mean just a kilt. He was not even wearing shoes!


Winter wonderland is the must go to place for Christmas in Cardiff. Amusement rides, a cozy over priced café and then there’s the ice rink. The place of pain, coldness and yet it is somehow fun. I had this picture in my head of me delicately skating around the ice rink looking graceful, but anyone who has ever meet me knows that this would never be the case! Imagine an uncoordinated elephant on skates – I can be even worse than that when skating!

We literally stepped onto the ice thinking it could be the last thing we do. This could be the death of us. This may sound like an over exaggeration, but we were saying we’re going to die, we’re going to die and Andy even had the curtesy to invite us to his funeral just incase. The first thought that popped into my head as we stepped onto the ice was ‘this ice is very slippery.’  Yes I know incredibly stupid of me to think that ice wouldn’t be slippery, but common sense isn’t a strong point of mine. Surprisingly we enjoyed ice-skating and most of us came away injury free – minus me with a sore bottom and sore knees. Ice is hard, cold and very slippery!!

The wall is a safe place, I like the wall, the wall is my friend. The middle is not, the middle is evil! But after my friends unwilling dragged me away from the edge not quite kicking and screaming, as I would have needed some balance to be able to kick and my voice seemed to fail me at this point, so there was no screaming. I skated around ungracefully and with my arms stuck out to balance. I looked like a kid impersonating an airplane and not a good impersonation at that.

I had the motto of if I was going to fall, I would take down as many people as possible with me. Unfortunately this was not the case. I had two people skate into me at the same time – literally one at each side. I had no chance I was going down. Despite my best efforts of tugging their jackets to try to stop myself from falling and once that failed still tugging to try and take them down with me. I was unsuccessful :( . My friend kindly offered to help me up but I knew I would probably just end up making her fall over so I just pathetically crawled over to the side and was close to doing the splits as I attempted to get up. (Revert back to the uncoordinated elephant image!) Falling is easy, getting up = difficult task,although it is rather funny to watch. Seeing as I actually survived ice-skating, I’m planning to go to winter wonderland again before it closes when I get back in January. So if I end up in A&E you will know why I’m there!


So now I’m back at home and spending most of my time working and still feeling extremely Christmassy. So yesterday instead of doing the revision I’d planned, I decided to work out how to sign Rudolph the red nose reindeer. Yes, I need to get a life!!

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