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The only dentist who is destined to have no teeth

Christmas in Cardiff Part 1 of 2: The adventures of Aarifa and Fluffy.

*Old school gangsta talk*…CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS ARE THE BOMB MAN! As soon as I finished my last lecture, I fled the building waving my arms like a wind turbine and making gurgling sounds like a happy chappy. Then I fell asleep. Then I woke up. When I woke up, I was grumpy :’( because I realized with much sadness that I wasn’t to go home for another 6 hours D: BUT ALAS! All was well because as I stumbled groggily into the kitchen looking for some comfortyumyumfoodwithahighfatcontenttoblockmyarterieeeeees, I was greeted by a monstrous pile of mince pies. At this point I was like *drool* and my hand irrespective of my brain reached out to grab one! I then spent the next five minutes happily sniffing the thing and singing romantic love songs to this wondrous pie at the top of my lungs. At the sound of my banshee wails came toddling my fellow flatmate, who alas does not wish to be mentioned in these blogs due to the fact that I mostly embarrass her. She shall be therefore code-named “Fluffy” for the remainder of this prose. So Fluffy toddled over, saw the mince-pie dangerously close to my mouth, and slapped it away like a ninja.

*Note: The following should be considered in slow motion…because it’s so much more fun that way*

 We both looked up in horror; an anguished cry of “NooOOooOOoooOOoo” pierced the tension filled air, as the mince-pie fell to the ground with a splattering slap. Fluffy looked disgusted as I dived to the floor, totally making use of the 5 second rule and caressing the squished pie happily. “Dude, that’s not you’re pie” she said…That was when my whole world came crashing down. My dream of that little mince-pie happily travelling down my digestive tract was destroyed, and I could not stench the tears that fell freely down my anguished face. HA NO. I joke. I wiggled my eyebrows at Fluffy and pointed at the thing she failed to notice….the smiley post-stick note left by Flatmatenumbaaahtwoooo that said “Help yourself my lovelies and have a Merry Christmas.” Fluffy saw the note and squealed like a wittwlegirllyy before devouring the pie like a monster. I chuckled happily and together with a finesse equaled only by those sloppy-joe eaters at county fairs, we munched through half the pile. A good fifteen mins later we sat massaging our food babies in happy contentment before turning to each other and saying “Winter Wonderland.” A lot of moaning, yelling and persuasive ranting later, we had gathered our nerdy gang of dentists and trekked on over happily to the fair.


Now for those who have never been to Winter Wonderland in Cardiff, let me tell you that basically, it is a fantastical explosion of excruciating pain, adrenalin, and fake snow…well for me anyway. Winter wonderland is essentially this crazy big ice rink with a tonne of fair rides surrounding it and a cosy little café to one side. They set it up for around 6 weeks every year and I have to confess despite the trauma, I did end up going twice! XD It’s soooo funnn!! I can’t skate to save my life. In fact I just cannot skate. If someone sees me near a pair of skates, they should flee, or shake their head disapprovingly, or cry…because I am a danger to mankind with those things on. Picture Bambi on ice, but a gazillioooon times worse! XD It was beyond embarrassing! I fell on my butt so many times that I had to duct tape a cushion to it for days, and every time someone tried to help me, I’d just pull them down with me. It was all very sad.

What was super cooooooooooool, but still got me freaked out because I am such a baby, was the Star Ride. Now that is pretty much a massive spinning wheel of death that will freeze your brains out and make you think you’re gonna die….whilst being captivated by panoramic views of Cardiff City in all its splendor  It’s actually amazing at night, with all the street lights twinkling up at you; it’s like the sky is beneath you rather than above. Really it’s quite beautiful…as well as you know, brainfreezinglyiceberkthatsunkthetitanic-cold.I think the thing I really love about Winter Wonderland, is just the atmosphere. Literally half the university is there, and whilst you are screaming like a potato head and making a general fool out of yourself, so is everyone else. The rink is definitely a place to let out your inner goof, and the rides turn even the most prudish of cabbages (like myself) into a hard-core adrenalin junkie! It’s just super fun!!


The thing is, that’s not all there is to do in the winter…watching the city centre’s Christmas lights go on was magical in its own right, and there’s a lot of socials around this time too. We had a Dental version of “Take me out” to raise money for Ghana, and other Christmas socials where everyone pretty much hard-core partied in their Santa hats. So when the six hours were finally up and DAMAMA came in her minivan to grab all mee stuff, I left Cardiff with some sorrow, cause for three weeks, I really was gonna miss this place. After hugging Fluffy goodbye, and getting attacked by my suitcase in the lift with some random dude from flat 2 staring at me like I was crazy, I collapsed in the backseat and happily napped all the way home…


  1. Aarifa, your blog posts make my life :’)

  2. Abigail says:

    An awesome blog rif :) xxx

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