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The only dentist who is destined to have no teeth

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Day Trip to Oakwood and City Road Food Rampage

Wanna know the best thing about Cardiff? City Road.

Wanna know the worst thing about Cardiff? City Road.

You will get fat…and you will like it.

Not like “Oh look at my cute little food baby” fat… I’m talking discovering-my-long-lost-twin-and-endeavouring-to-ingest-her-so-now-my-BMI-has-doubled-and-I’m-a-chubba-monster…fat.

Excuse the implied cannibalism and let me explain.

So Cardiff is pretty multicultural. It’s a massively wonderful confuffle of humans from all backgrounds and walks of life. The restaurants reflect this because I swear we have the best food joints in the world. (This may be a gross exaggeration, but me no CAREEE me like the Cardiffian fooodd.)

City Road is theee prime example of naughty food heaven. It’s a long road with a gazillion Mexican, Indian, Chinese, Lebanese, Vietnamese, pick-a-country-and-its-there food houses. It’s not like you can ever be satisfied by just going into one though. If you go to City Road, you must eat dinner thrice and then have desert. Take last Friday night for instance…I had Lamb Chops in LaShish, then Pizza at Jini, nibbled some fried chicken at Bennys before waddling across the road to Cookies and Kreme to have me some waffles. WAFFLES. Then despite my four-chambered-stomach crying for me to end the pain, Cookies and Kreme wanted me to get type 2 diabetes ‘cause they proffered some mint chocolate chip ice cream and I munched that beast too.


Cheap food. Good food. Happy me. Fat me. Albeit I got my money back in the flabby kind of pounds but who careees man, I’m storing for the winter.

Oh what terrible food rampages one can go on in Cardiff.

What about Wales though…what can one do in Wales? I’ll tell ye what I did quiet recently…I went to Oakwood. Yeees to my  Welshies reading this, that is the theme park they take little kids to in school BUT HEY no matter the age, Oakwood is still fun. It’s like Disneyland, but completely different…so it’s not like Disneyland.

There was this one ride called Speed which takes you very slowly vertically to this creepily-high peak, where you teeter menacingly for a bit before being plunged at a 180 degree angle straight down. Then when you think the trauma has ended, you get spun upside down a few times, taken on a couple more oops-I-think-I-just-swallowed-my-heart-and-lost-bladder-control drops before they grind you to a halt prematurely so you have this really terrible masochistic need to go again. What makes me ear wiggle is how slowly rollercoasters take you to the top. It’s like they’re giving you time to contemplate life and enjoy the view BEFORE THEY KILL YOU. It’s cruel man. It’s cruel.

But ayeeoo that’s what I’ve been up to these past few weeks! Still been in University too! The final days of second year creepeth uponeth me, but in the meantime us craycray dentists are practicing rubber dam placement and making occlusal rims! The end is near though…summer approaches!

Congratulations on my fellow insiders graduating! You cuties will be missed!

Good luck to you A-level kids on results day

Until Next time!

Aarifa over and out.

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