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Deadline day fun

So after several weeks of fretting over the frightening date that was the 16th of November, the day came with surprisingly little amount of stress. Two assignments, 2,000 words each, appears at first a very daunting task, yet, given the time and the information that we receive, we really have very little reason to complain.

One of my essays was an analysis of a comedy series (i chose Blackadder Goes Forth), so that was somewhat easy going.

The second of my essays involved doing an analysis of a 19th century pioneering photographer… I realise more and more, when i type the title, the essay appears to be as miserable and annoying as an afternoon of knitting with the shopping channel on a constant loop on tv… and indeed it wasn’t far from that… That’s not to say i didn’t learn anything, and in all fairness, i did choose the particular module… However; I moaned and groaned but eventually finished the essay at 4am… Boy was that fun.

Anyway, with a lecture at 9am on friday morning, and the essays due at 3pm, i could at least guarantee that i would be at the bute building to hand in the two essays.

Deadline days are actually rather amusing in many ways, for one, you are guaranteed to find several people who are on your course, looking sleep deprived, with a hint of delirium in their eyes as they edge closer to the 3pm deadline and seemingly further from the possibility of completing the assignment as every minute passes. I’ve attempted to (and rather successfully) avoided this situation so far…

Another sure thing is several people panicing as to how they’re supposed to submit the essays. With computers to check for plagiarism and all sorts of other issues, the university (or at least i think it’s not just JOMEC) require us to submit every essay both as paper copies as well as online in two separate ways… i think.

So if they’re not the sleep deprived essay zombies, or the panicked ‘how-the-hell-do-i-submit-ers’, mostly what is left is the super relieved happy bunch, who serve to just seriously annoy the prior groups. I’ll admit, i was certainly in the category of relieved  this afternoon (although i did encounter a spell at the how-the-hell-do-i-submit-ers….)

What’s particularly good about this deadline day is knowing that Wales play Samoa in the evening, so perhaps a rewarding pint with the rugby might well be in order…

That’s probably one of my favourite factors of living in Cardiff, the endless possibilities of things to do during the evenings… Of course, much of the time is spent in the house, mostly waiting for something to happen on Facebook or Twitter (i feel i’ve been waiting a while now…maybe that’s why i’m writing this…) but this chances to do something are always there. Rugby is only one example, there’s usually a football match at the Cardiff City Stadium ever other week, more than one cinema, a large venue which hosts several high profile musicians and comedians, as well as stupid amounts of shops and don’t get started on the bars and pubs… Point is, when assignments are done, i can never really complain about a lack of things to do!

On that note, i may actually go out and do something now. Or maybe i’ll just pin my hopes on the social networking sites…


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