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Dreaded Week 7

At the start of our course we were warned that week seven is always a really bad week. If anything goes wrong it will go wrong in week seven. We thought the lecturer was completely over exaggerating, but we now know that week seven is really that bad. In our introduction lecture we got told that if stuff was going to go wrong, it would all go wrong in week seven – your marks would drop slightly, it wouldn’t stop raining, it will be little Timmy’s birthday and you will really miss him (not sure who little Timmy is but this is what he said), your work will pile up and there were quite a few other examples that he gave us. Week seven for me involved choir, choir, choir and yes more choir, getting soaked on the way to every choir rehearsal or on the way home, two deadlines and hardly any sleep.

Week seven was hectic, that is the only way to describe it. We had a joint choir concert in St David’s Hall with the Royal Welsh College of Music on the Sunday. Leading up to this we had six choir rehearsals during the week, of which four lasted from 7 – 10pm. Before several of these rehearsals we wouldn’t get the chance to go home for tea as we still had band rehearsals and lectures. I did not appreciate having to get up at 7am on Saturday and Sunday for rehearsals or walking to town in the rain. I don’t normally really enjoy choir, in fact I normally moan about how much I hate it, but the concert was absolutely amazing! St David’s Hall was pretty full, we sounded great and it felt like a professional concert. Being conducted by Carlo Rizzi (an international conductor) and singing alongside the professional soloists was such an amazing experience. After the concert Carlo wrote a letter to the choirs and orchestra after the concert saying how impressed and proud he was of our performance and how he thought that Verdi would have been proud of our interpretation of his requiem.

Videos of the performance:–lC9Kj44

On top of all these rehearsal I also had two deadlines. My IST for repertoire studies went quite well; I just had to stay up until 3am on the Tuesday night to get it finished after choir rehearsal lasted from 6.30 – 10.15. My composition seemed to be a disaster, everything that could have possibly went wrong with my composition seemed to go wrong. I had to completely redo the first stage on a technicality and I also had to condense the rhythm of my melody making a 2 bar phrase into one bar and this meant that my final composition ended up being twice as long as I had planned and took twice as long to compose. After lots of late nights throughout the whole week and staying up until 4.30 the Sunday night / Monday morning I finally managed to get it finished.

After handing in my work on Monday all I wanted to do was sleep, staying up until 4.30 in the morning is not good! I was so tired that I actually fell asleep whilst doing my makeup. (Not good when I was putting mascara on so I ended up with random black marks on my face. After this I gave up on trying to make myself look presentable.) To be fair most first years who were in choir and take the composition module looked awful on Monday. I had no idea how I would manage to stay awake during my lectures as I normally struggle to stay awake in some of them when I’ve had a good nights sleep, whereas at this point I had had very little sleep in a whole week. Solution – energy drinks. Caffeine is good! I was impressed with myself for staying awake throughout the whole lecture. The best thing about Monday was finally getting a decent amount of sleep throughout the night and no more choir rehearsals until January!

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