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Election season

Last week it was the madness of the Students Union sabbatical elections which consists of wannabe sabbs coming up with random slogans, dressing up in silly costumes, sticking banners and posters all over the place, bribing voters and coming into occasional lectures. Although we missed most of this due to being slightly out the way and a small school, we still got a couple of visits.

However it is now the turn of the OPSOC elections. This is to elect the committee for the next year, who have the honour and pleasure of continuing the work I have been part of for the last two years, including reaching gold tier within the union. We have a large exec because we are a busy society, with such roles as president, treasurer (me), social secs, general secs (organise cheese and wines), sports secs and RAG reps (in charge of raising money for charity).

Election fortnight starts with posters, Facebook events and talks in first and second year lectures with a little bit of bribery (my favourite part) before the second week and it all ramps up a notch. During the second week, it has now become traditional to release a video – we like random videos in optometry (see AOP eyeopener for details). These videos started as just the candidate talking but have progressed over the years to music videos, random ones (like mine have been), to re-enactments of the Lion King!

The idea is to get yourself noticed, ensure people remember you, and have a bit of fun.

At the end of the two weeks it’s voting time, and then a nervous wait for all the candidates before the results are announced at the EyeBall.

As I’m not running this year, I get to relax, enjoy the videos and can say – bring on the bribes!

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