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End of first year!

First year is completely over!! I can’t believe how quickly this went by, it seems surreal. This year has been amazing, meeting so many new friends and so many experiences I will never forget!

Exams are scary evil things that drive you to the point of insanity! During the exam period I became a hermit, locked myself in my room, made hundreds of flashcards and had random arguments with books and past papers which went along the line of ‘do you hate me? Why are you doing this to me? Why can’t I just understand you?!’ Yes by this point I had clearly reached exam crazy boiling point and needed a nice trip to the arts and social sciences library to pet the ickle animals. The petting zoo arranged by the SU returned me to a state of sanity. Animals are cute!!!

Now exams are over, and thankfully somehow I managed to pass first year with a 2:1. Once exams were over FREEDOM!!!! I had an awesome week chilling in Cardiff and in some strange turn of fate, it was sunny. Yes you have read this right sun, not rain!! This of course meant multiple trips to Bute park (which is right next to talybont :D) for BBQs, frisbee and football, exploring Cardiff castle with an interesting fight of will – music student vs Geoffrey the peacock and of course another trip to Barry Island :D sand castles, burying people and impersonating Baywatch.

So first year may be over, but the question of how I gained a hula necklace during freshers week still remains! :p

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