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The only dentist who is destined to have no teeth

Essay stress, Last week of lectures, and general misdeeds.

It is 1.37am in the morning. I have been awoken by a craving for flapjacks. Whilst nibbling this strangely delightful snack…I shall endeavour to explain my incredibly eventful, dramatic, and exciting fortnight of adventure, danger and mystery.

Jokes it was boring.



You would think that one is physically incapable of boredom when your flatmate is a happy hyperactive pyscopath, you live seconds away from the city centre and your course is so very filled with brain-stimulation-that-hurts-the-puny-thinking-lobes…but nopenopenopenope. ALAS!! I have been sooooo bored.

Yesterday…I found myself watching cat videos on you tube and knew the apocalypse had come.

Ahh no I exaggerate, most of this time has been spent slaving away at megatron essay due soon…but in the process, socially…. absolutely nothing has happened! I burnt the kitchen down once or twice by over boiling pasta (it is a feat I am quite proud of) and took a cheeky trip to Tesco to feed my Nutella addiction…I think I may have purposely broken my chair just to call the maintenance woman up because I was craving earthing conversation. I ended up talking about the weather and trying to bribe her to stay with Fluffy’s Smartie tubs. (She took the tub and left me…Fluffy then smacked me for taking her smarties.)….I am a wee bit abused sometimes by that thing. I got my usual revenge by chilling in her cupboard with a Nicholas Cage mask until she found me, screamed, and flapped at me with a carrot stick. (Girl ain’t human)

Next week is going to be IMMENSE though so hopefully all the bat cave hibernating and nerdifying shall be worth the wait!! Picture 3 socials, 1 Bollywood night, 2 birthdays, a weekend trip to Birmingham, and fat suits. Mmmmm fat suits. I love fat suits. They’re just so cosy..and you can run into people like BOOSH. You just got booshed…..yeah. You see the Mental Wealth society is hosting an “Inner Child Day” in Solus (The SU Night Club) with bouncy castles, face painting, fat suits…the whole shamboozlees! It looks AAAHmazing….and I’m hopefully going to be face painting for a bit so existing students…COME HITHER SO I CAN BUTCHER YO FACE WITH VARIOUS SQUIGGLY PATTERNS AND WHATNOT. uhwoo!

Also next week, I’m going hooomeee to see my cute monster of a siblinggg after one-to-many eons apart from the short thing. The thing about uni, is that at least twice every term, you still get those pangs of homesickness. For as my burnt pasta did proove…nothing beats homefoooodd and a good gossip with your sister. Unless of-course you are culinary whiz and can slap up some craaazyy scrumptious nibbles with your eyes closed….then I hate you. Jokes I love you really….now give me some?

One piece of news that shocked me a wee bit (my reaction involved dramatically spitting orange juice all over fluffy, before choking for a half hour and then hyperventilating in shock whilst fluffy moaned how gross I was) waaaaaaaaaaaaas….that we only have one week left of lectures! ONLY ONE WEEK. MY FIRST YEAR OF UNIVERSITY IS ALMOST OVER. Whatt?! I feel so old thinking about it. Then I feel super nostalgic and happy thinking back on ye good ol’ days. *Pause for sad violin music*

So stay tuned…and I shall give you guys the down lo on all the adventures of next week! But for now…I must sleep….And then resume my nerdifying and cat-video watching. Oh poo.

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  1. Rebecca says:

    Ha! Ha! You’re so amusing. I hope to study English Literature and history at Cardiff University. It looks so fun, I’m pouring over the brochures and websites ever since my careers fair last week.
    A year or two of no independence, parents looking over your shoulder and classmates that drive you insane (yet hug them all the same) ah – that rhymes…sort of. :) And then I get to pick an University that will hopefully be in Cardiff, my country’s city. WALES.

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