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Every cloud has a ‘Varsity’ lining…

Hey peeps, just a short and sweet blog from me this week as I’m up to my eyeballs in work and a little sleep deprived!

So I now have just 2 weeks until I hand in all my course work and dissertation, and 3 weeks and 2 days to go until I complete my last exam meaning my degree is will be over! Although I’ve always been aware that I’ve always been working towards achieving a degree and eventually leaving university, it all seems rather strange now everything is within touching distance. What has really intensified this feeling of finality is the conversations all third years seem to be having about what the plan is after graduating. Some people have secured graduate schemes, some people have made exciting and ambitious travel plans, some have been offered full blown jobs, and others like me, are just going to take it all day by day until you find something that you really want to pursue  I’ve also got 3 months out in Tanzania to have a think about what I want to do, have a well deserved rest, and maybe even learn about new opportunities which are open to me.

Right now though I’m trying to keep my head out of the clouds and into the numerous essays I have to do. I have a staggering 5 essays and a 7000 word dissertation to hand in, before sitting 3 exams next month, so I’ve got a lot to do! However when this crazy work time rolls around each year, the whole of Cardiff seems to go very quiet, making things a little easier as you have no temptation to go out and party. Days right now consist of an early morning run or a trip to the gym, then a moan to my housemates about how much work I’ve got to do, and how much I hate it all, and then a day in the library writing essays and checking every little detail is perfect. It’s a tiring time and not a great deal of fun, but you know what they say ‘anything worth having isn’t easy’ – or something along those lines anyway!

It hasn’t been all serious stuff though. As I told you last week, Cardiff University held the biggest event in the sporting calendar this week which is our ‘Welsh Varsity’. At Varsity, Swansea University come head to head with Cardiff and the two universities play their best teams at 16 sports at different venues around the city. Whoever wins the most sports out of 16 wins that years ‘Varsity’. The icing on the cake is that the two rugby teams play each other in the Millennium Stadium in the evening, and the respective spectators pile into watch, chant and cheer on their teams. That is always such an amazing experience to be part of, and the atmosphere in the stadium is truly electric! Unfortunately, Cardiff did not win the rugby this year, but they did win the Varsity which is a great achievement for all the students who played, and the university in general (Well done Team Cardiff!). After the sports, the rugby and the endless cheering which usually makes half the crowd hoarse, the union puts on an amazing club night which everyone attends. I had a great night with my friends and actually ended up being a little nostalgic as we realised it was our last ever Varsity! :(

Once the hype of Varsity was over, along with the huge adrenalin rush, the sore throat and the stonking hangover, it’s been all hands to the pumps as the deadlines for work is looming. Thankfully, I’ve now finished my dissertation (as has my housemate Sarah who came into my room and danced around me in celebration when she finished hers…this is what 3rd year does to people!) as well as a few other essays. Soon enough I’m going to be on to revision which I’ve got very mixed feelings about, as I, like every other human being on this planet it seems, hate revision!

Anyway, I’ve got to go now, my bed is calling me and I need to get a good kip in if I stand any chance of getting a shed load of work done tomorrow (I’m also getting my dissertation bound tomorrow which will be brilliant!) I’ll post again on Sunday to tell you all what this weeks has been like and how I’m feeling about being just 2 weeks away from finishing…night night! x

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