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‘Everything’s as if we never said goodbye’

So here we are! The final month of the degree and my flight to the states booked for next Monday… I have officially finished my degree now as my final exam was last Tuesday and now I’m frantically getting everything sorted for the summer while making the most of these final few weeks in Cardiff. The past three years feel as if they’ve gone in the blink of an eye where moving into Talybont Court halls of residence was only a few days ago (by no means years!) In this blog I’ll discuss what my final exam was like, as well as some updates on the Cardiff Award as well as my recent trip to the opera!

I received my result from the Cardiff Award this week and was so pleased to discover I passed. I began the award a year ago after receiving an advertising email and thought it would be a great way of gaining some sort of official recognition for much of the work I was already carrying out. The award was a lot of constant work throughout the year but I’m really glad I did it and would definitely recommend it to others. I learned a lot about the graduate employability market as well as how to strengthen future applications.

It was really nice to finish my degree on such a positive note with the exam on German opera composer Richard Wagner last week. I really enjoyed the module and so having such a deep interest in the subject not only helps with revision but also makes exams much more bearable! It was definitely an appropriate note to finish the degree on!

Last week I was lucky enough to see Welsh National Opera’s production of Debussy’s Pelléas et Mélisande and it ranks as one of the best I have seen. I couldn’t help but feel a certain level of closure as anyone who saw the 2013 production of Berg’s Lulu will note the similarity to the Pelléas production. I’m so grateful for Cardiff University and Welsh National Opera for opening my eyes to such a magical world of opera and I’m sure this love will continue for many years to come.

All that is left for me now in Cardiff is to celebrate and make the most of life still as a student in this beautiful city while making sure everything is in place for next week.


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