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Exams + house parties with your lecturer + the hangover from hell = Uni: DONE!

Hey everyone, I’m no longer writing to you as a student, but as a graduand (The thing in between being a student and a graduate)! As of 2.30pm this week I finished my last exam meaning I’ve now completed my Philosophy degree here at Cardiff and I’m now free to celebrate!

Needless to say then, that this week has been a bit crazy. On the Tuesday after the exam, my course mates and I dropped in to the nearest pub we could find on the way back from the exam hall, and immediately cracked open a couple of bottles of Proseco, and toasted to our success of actually making it to the end of our degrees in one piece! After that my housemates and I headed back to our house where we set it up ready for the house party we were having. As it was my house mates birthday last Friday, she wasn’t able to really celebrate it, but we decided it would be cool if we could roll her birthday and the end of exams into one, and have one bit big blow out! That night proved to be as amazing as we anticipated, as you were on a constant high from the realisation that you were finished with education forever! The whole of our course and any other people who have also finished exams came round, and we were most surprised to see that even our lecturer came round too! That was a bit of a weird experience as usually when you see lecturers it’s very much within the context of university life: i.e. round the Humanities building, in lectures and seminars, when you go to see them in their office as you don’t have the faintest idea what is going on, etc! So to see your lecturer standing in your kitchen drinking a beer and talking to your very drunk friends is a bizarre experience – it’s even more bizarre when you (admittedly also blind drunk) start talking to your lecturer as you’re desperate to keep it together, but really knowing that it’s blatantly obvious that you’re intoxicated!

So at 11, and with our lecturer in tow, we headed out into town to hit the clubs. This is the part that I don’t remember too well as I think I may have had a few too many shots, but there was lots of dancing, lots of hugging and many an emotional word shared about uni all coming to an end. The next morning was one of the most painful mornings of my life. I woke up with a pounding head ache, and feeling very very jaded. What made things worse was that I went downstairs to get a glass of water, saw a bottle of 7up on the side, and thought ‘oh yeah, let’s have a nice cooling sip of 7up’…so proceeded to take a massive swig of this 7up, and almost died when I tasted VODKA! Someone had obviously pre-mixed a bottle of 7up and had left it on the side, and when I was met with the realisation that I had a mouthful of vodka, I had to run over to the kitchen sink and spit it out…ohh my lord it was AWFUL!

So after that traumatic experience I tried to pull myself together and get out of the pit of hungover despair I was in, I got off to a good start by having a shower and getting changed, but very much regressed when I had to go back to bed to eat pizza and watch TV as I was in no way fit to do anything else. By 5 o’clock after watching way too many weird programmes on catch up, I decided I had pitied myself enough, and set myself with the task of making myself a lasagna for dinner. That kept me busy for a while, and when 10 o’clock rolled around that night, I dived into bed and slept solidly for 12 hours.

Since then, my friends and I have been enjoying and celebrating our freedom by going out for lunches, going to the park, and shopping in the sunshine. Yesterday we went to Cardiff Castle and tried on medieval war clothes and got to hold swords and daggers which took me back to school trips as a child, but it’s all been a lot of fun, and so refreshing to unwind from such a stressful couple of months. I’ve also got some other really exciting stuff to look forward to in the next few weeks. Next weekend I’m of to Amsterdam for 3 days to enjoy a mini holidays with my friends who I met in China, then upon my return I’m spending a few days in London catching up with my Aussie friends and watching some horse Polo which should be really exciting, Then there’s the possibility of going to Pembrokshire for a few days as one of my housemates lives there, and it’s a great place to be when the weather is good, then after that I’m going to the Dusk ‘Till Dawn Ball held at the union, then I”m moving out, then I’ve just got 10 days left before I go to Tanzania!

So needless to say that it’s going to be a jam packed month of fun coming up! I’ll post next Saturday to tell you how I’ve been getting on and what I’ve been up to. Until then, good luck with any exams you may still have going on, and enjoy the sunshine! x


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