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As a medic I try to remember that stressed is just desserts spelt backwards!

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February Fun

Hello everyone! I can’t quite actually believe that tomorrow is St. David’s Day (and my housemate Lowri’s 20th birthday!). February has seem to have come and gone so fast! But despite this month feeling like it has lasted about a week, I have managed to squeeze in quite a lot of things!

 SSC- Year 2/Year 5 Integrated Conference

This February actually marked the first ever year 2/year 5 integrated conference SSC week. So unlike all our other SSCs where we all embark upon different projects, this SSC included the whole year group rotating around workshops and watching keynote speeches from various doctors and researchers from around the UK. The aim of the conference was for year 2 and year 5 medical students to share the inspirational experiences they have had during their degree so far. The conference ran with 5 broad themes in mind including:

  • Elective
  • Erasmus
  • Intercalating
  • Research
  • Thriving and Surviving in Medical School

The conference provided us year 2’s with a really good opportunity to find out more about things like the elective from the year 5’s; who themselves have actually just gone through the process of organising it. We were all pretty jealous when we found out that most of them were actually leaving for their electives that week, with destinations ranging from Ethiopia to St Lucia and Australia. As part of the conference we all also had to take part in a poster exhibition, where in partners we needed to present and design a poster to the year 5s about our last SSC. Allowing us to all squeeze in some good practice for any future poster presentations that might be thrown at us!

Pre-Clinical Ball

February is also a pretty exciting month if you are in first or second year because that’s the usual time that we have our pre-clinical ball! This year the ball was held at the Vale of Glamorgan Hotel which is just outside Cardiff. Meaning that not only did we have all the time at the ball, we started it and finished it off with a pretty fun bus ride. This pre-clinical ball was also a little bit different because it was a masquerade theme. Though you probably wouldn’t have thought so because I wore my mask for a grand total of about 10 minutes! The evening also involved the pre-clinical awards where we can nominate and vote for people in our year group for a whole host of different categories (some certainly being pretty inventive!). And true to my word at the ball, I promised I’d mention in my blog that I was awarded most keen medic…! (That’s what blogging does for you!)




This week I’ve actually been on a consolidation/reading week, which has been lovely! So the week off has meant we have all had a chance to catch up on things we might have missed earlier on in the term, or depending on your current motivation levels you may have started a bit of revision. As a house we’ve tried to keep our days free for work, but have made sure we’ve had plenty of plans for the evenings. One thing we did was go and see Anaphylaxis, an annual show written and put on by the year threes in aid of charity. I think it is better that I don’t say any more than that… I don’t want to ruin the surprise for anyone who hasn’t been before, but I can assure you it was a great night out!

So that’s all from me! I hope that you all have a lovely weekend, and I know you will all be supporting Wales this evening in the six nations! This evening I’m tasked with the challenge of trying to copy a cake from Instagram (wish me luck!). Have a wonderful St. David’s Day! I’ll be at the top of Pen-y-Fan eating welsh cakes hopefully in the sunshine! Doesn’t get much more patriotic than that!

See you soon!




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