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Finals Finals Finals!

So its been a really long time since I wrote my last blog, and im sure some of you have been wondering if I had been eaten by shark or abducted by aliens. Unfortunately  it was neither of these things which has kept me away from blogging, but something far far worse – The dreaded FINALS REVISION!

With the medical course having undergone some changes in the past few years, 5th year exams have been brought forward to before the easter holidays. Although this is really early in the year I think it works well as hopefully as long as I pass, it should give me more time to really hone the skills I will need as a junior Dr before starting work in August.

So what are finals actually like I hear you say? Well they were tough (but then all exams are) , and yes I did have to work hard and really roll back on my triathlon training. But when you have been working towards something since your GCSE’s it’s quite easy to make the sacrifice.  I just really hope I pass!

But don’t let me freak you out about finals , the revision period wasnt all doom and gloom. I did still manages the odd evening off to relax with friends although nights out were pretty much a no no! Although as a Welshman I was forced to make an exception celebrate Wales’ triumph over England in the Six Nations! :)

I now have a week off to recharge before starting another placement, and am heading to london for a few days later in the week! So I shall keep you posted on what I get up too!

Untill next time here are some photos of what my revision period looked like:



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