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Finished? Already? It can’t be true!

Okay guys, so it is the last week before Christmas break and the tensions are high. As I said before the deadlines are now creeping over us and we are getting sucked into wells of despair.


When I say we are getting sucked in to these despair wells, I now mean everyone else is! Surrounded by disbelief as all the other disciplines sit scribbling away in note books, somehow the engineering department have blessed us with a hand in date 4 days before the end of term. I could stroll through the city of Cardiff smug, in the knowledge I have 24 days until I have to switch back into nerd mode again. Not that I am counting.

Because my hand ins are now finished and all I have to think about now is the Christmas shopping and festive lark that I have shut out over the few weeks that just passed. Just typing that gives me a giant Cheshire cat smile. You will not know the weight lifting feeling that is the final hand in until you get here and experience it yourself. But it is great! Amazing! So friggin good!

So as you can tell I am happy.

Now I can start with the other life admin that comes under the wings of the xmas hols Next steps for the Christmas break are as follows:

- Enjoy freedom

- See real people in real life outside of the library

- Try and scrape some money together to buy people presents (in the hope that they buy better ones, hint hint Mum etc)

- Make house look acceptable so when I get back in January I don’t cry

- Put money on the electricity meter so that all my food doesn’t turn into green mush for when I get back. (cannot emphasise how important this is, oh god the smells!)

- enjoy freedom some more

- quick double check you have handed everything in

- enjoy freedom more


- begin to realise after Christmas comes exams. Oh crap, freedom destroyed.


So my real insider tip here is just make the most of that little scratch of freedom you get over Christmas because its possibly the greatest time of year. Yes even better than the summer break. Because there is no job panic, no worries about what the next year brings, no angst about what your grades are going to be, and oh yeah a shed load of presents and food. Literally icing on cake too. Like, so much icing and cake and just oh my god the food.


Bring on the food baby!

Merry Christmas!




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