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Aspiring to conquer life's challenges - or maybe just my degree for now!

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First Day on the Job

A big hello from my new desk at my new job! Cardiff has well and truly been put to bed (until I return for graduation!) and it’s now time to play in the big kids playground. The inevitable struggle with my 6am alarm to commute to London wasn’t that warmly received, but having made it to London, to the office and to my desk (after stopping off for a coffee) my spirits have markedly improved.

I’ve always been one to champion the value of work experience when aspiring to a job after Uni and it paid off for me (in the short term) as a PR company I did a week’s work for asked me to return for the summer. There is a trade off to be had though; I was reluctant to accept more unpaid work experience having gone through so many placements while at university but I knew experience (in the PR industry especially) is the only way forward. Luckily I was able to negotiate a paid placement with the potential for a full time position when I finish.

I can safely say that the week running up to this probably have been one of the most stressful I’ve experienced, I even escaped to Tunisia to try and forget about it but you can’t escape the inevitable – and by that I mean ‘change’. I was excited to start my new job but it meant I had to let go of so many other things and accept that I was going through a lifestyle change. I now live for half the week in Wimbledon and half the week in Sussex, I now get to see the sunrise most mornings and commute on the Tube to work, I now only have two free days a week, I’m now in a long distance relationship and I now have to pay tax (that last one really sucks). None of these things fill me with joy, but, I’ve started on an exciting new chapter of my life too – my career. Realistically when you think about it, the time you spend in education is a small proportion of your life compared to when you start work, so maybe, the fun is really just beginning… or maybe I’m just trying to fool myself, we’ll see!

Sadly, lunchbreaks go very quickly during the day so I’ll get back to my proposal for a client pitch (although if any law students want to come and help me with all the legal jargon in this contract let me know!) So today, I sign off not as a Cardiff Uni student, but as Madeleine Phillips (BSc – just thought I’d throw that in there, I GOT MY 2:1!), PR Intern.


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